World War Three: This is it

By Zine Larbaoui

The end of a cycle approaches – auguring the emergence of “the new world order.” The destruction of the euro zone is only a matter of time and the staging of the third world war begins to take shape. Events are accelerating at different scales -nationally via monetary policy weapons with sovereign debt that can’t be repaid, and internationally with the emergence of continental blocks for a global confrontation.

Two blocks thus faces each other: one controlled by Washington under Neo-Conservative Zionist influence while the opponent has its source in Moscow.
“And in the preamble of a war that will be anything but cold,” as expressed by the American political activist, Lyndon LaRouche, “Britain is the secret hand behind the strings manipulating nations to initiate a Thermonuclear war soon after an economic collapse of the world economy between Asia, Russia and the United states for the goal of population control which will eliminate 6 billion people, creating a slave class which will serve the elite.” Larouche adds “We now have warnings about an imminent third world war. It is not a long-term prediction but rather a short-term perspective. We are already, if you understand History in the least, on the eve of World War III, the worst one so far.”

Some 150,000 soldiers, 880 tanks, more than 120 helicopters, 90 aircraft and 80 navy ships are mobilized. The maneuvers involve the command centers of the air and Russian space defense forces, paratroopers, long range aviation and some troops from the center of Russia.

Wednesday, February 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the armed forces to conduct emergency military maneuvers in western countries. They are intended to “check the readiness of troops to intervene in crisis situations that threaten the military security of the nation,” said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, amid tensions with the West about Ukraine.

The United States reacted to the announcement of these exercises by calling all the “outsiders” in the region to respect “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

AFP reported a Russian warship docked in the port of the Cuban capital of Havana, a few days after a reported Iranian war vessel presence in the proximity of American waters. No explanation has been provided by the Cuban authorities or state media. Usually, the movement of Russian warships is justified.

The warship in question is Viktor Leonov CCB-175, a Vishnya type of ship, 91.5 meters long and 14.5 meters wide. It is equipped with 30 mm guns, intel equipment and anti-aircraft missiles, and can carry 200 sailors on board.

The presence of this ship, a few miles from the United States coast, increased tension internationally; simultaneously, Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of 150,000 men to the border of Ukraine.

At the same time, troops were mobilized in the peninsula of Crimea, Ukraine as the region is currently the scene of counter demonstrations against last week’s Kiev’s revolution.

Russia also said, via the voice of the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that it is planning to increase the number of its military bases abroad and negotiations on this subject with different countries which have been conducted.

“We plan to increase our military bases. Besides Vietnam and Cuba, we plan to deploy in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore and other countries,” said Sergei Shoigu.

He stressed that negotiations were ongoing and that Moscow was about to sign ad hoc agreements.

The Illuminati Obama warned Putin! U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday that the United States was “deeply concerned” by the alleged military movement in the Ukraine and warned that there will be “a cost to pay” for any military intervention in the country.

All events converge into a “clash of civilizations” as conceptualized by Samuel Huntington. Controlled media presstitutes have had ample time sowing discord between ethnic, cultural and religious lines and prepare massive awareness of a pending culture shock doomed to destroy what remains of civilizations, identities and traditions. Once Nations and peoples are being emptied of all sovereignty, they will once again be the instruments of the large-scale slaughter.

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