Worried About Ebola? How About the 1500 Americans who will Die of Cancer Today?

By Jim White


With the current projections for the spread of cancer, it seems that before long 1 out of every 2 of you who are reading this will be stricken with some form of the deadly disease. However, does it have to be deadly?

There are numerous cases of people being diagnosed with cancer and living to tell about it, my mother being one. Sadly, however, her father (my grandfather) was not so lucky. The good news is that the rise in information and technology has made successful, alternative cancer treatment available worldwide.

Ty Bollinger is a highly successful author, speaker, researcher and someone who I am honored to call my friend. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Fox News and Coast to Coast AM. Ty’s motto is that cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence. Ty also works closely with other Alternative Health pioneers including Mike Adams and G. Edward Griffin. We have had Ty on the show two times previously, but both were abbreviated for one reason or another. Today, however, we had Ty for the entire hour. Ty Bollinger is a dynamic speaker and provides us with a great interview that you are sure to enjoy.



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