20 Tech Geeks Working for Freescale Semiconductor on Missing Flight MH370

Article by Nathan Miller, TLB Australia Contributor

malaysia-plane20 passengers on board the missing flight were world-class electronic Techs for a major Defense Contracting Company that specialize in such things as electronic weapons that “disappear” airplanes and ships from the battlefield. They were employed by Freescale Semiconducter which designs and manufactures cutting edge electronic weaponry for the Department of Defense.  Such weaponry includes those making it possible to simply vanish planes off of radar…

Jacey Zuniga, a spokeswoman for Freescale Semiconductor, says 12 Malaysian and 8 Chinese employees are “confirmed passengers.”

Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL), is a global leader in radio frequency (RF) power transistors, in 2012 announced the availability of 11 new commercial RF power LDMOS products that can meet the requirements of U.S. defense electronics applications. This is the first set of products released as part of the company’s strategic defense initiatives for its RF power business.

Among the notable devices now available are:

* The MMRF1305HS – a ruggedized 100 watt RF power LDMOS transistor capable of coverage spanning 30 MHz to 1000 MHz with only two bands. Capable of performing into 65:1 VSWRs, this device is suitable for high load mismatch applications.

* The MMRF1306H – a highly rugged 1.25 kW RF power LDMOS transistor designed for use in high VSWR CW and pulse applications such as HF, VHF and low-band UHF radar and radio communications. Multiple applications circuits are available to demonstrate device performance at different frequencies and signal types.

Freescale RF has launched a major initiative dedicated to serving the RF power needs of the U.S. aerospace and defense (A&D) sector, and has also established a team of specialists dedicated to supporting their defense customers.

Freescale’s commercial products can meet the requirements of applications such as:

-Battlefield communications


-HF through L- and S-Band radar

-Missile guidance

-Electronic warfare

-Identification, friend or foe (IFF)

I have to wonder why this information has not been released on MSM, as this would seem to be vital information regarding an aircraft that simply vanished completely. It should be made public knowledge that these employees were on the aircraft but sadly only online news sources have any information and they have very little compared to what I have been able to dig up.

In my opinion this raises many valid questions as to what happened to flight MH370 and how it apparently was able to disappear. Why is the MSM focusing so hard on the two men who boarded with false passports? If the plane had disintegrated as the main theory suggests, why has no wreckage or fuel been found? Why does the MSM not want you to know about the 2o tech experts that were on board?

I have to wonder what really happened to flight MH370, as there is no wreckage or signs of a crash I will assume that it did not crash at all. As the plane was traveling from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing the plane last had contact with air traffic controllers when it was over the Gulf of Thailand at 2:40am local time on Saturday (5:40am AEDT). It would have only had fuel to travel an extra couple of thousand km’s as all flights must carry extra fuel in case of emergencies.

There are two countries which have their defense departments currently working on said technology and that is the US and China. As the flight was already heading in the direction of China, I speculate that this may have been a real world test run for said technology. I strongly do not believe that the plane disintegrated or crashed as a Chinese family was able to ring a family members phone that was on board the plane. It would ring out with no one picking up, If the plane had of been destroyed I find it highly unlikely that the mobile phone would have survived (especially over the sea).

“Families of passengers aboard missing ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have been barraging telecom service providers to look into the mobile accounts of their loved ones. They claim to have been calling their phones and that these were ringing. ” http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/542549/20140310/malaysia-airlines-mh370-passengers-mobile-phones.htm#.Ux6sN86Tg5s

This also raises questions as to why the telecom companies did not look into these claims and try and track the mobile phones of the passengers. This also leads me to speculate that this may be a real world test for this type of technology.

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  1. Why would US let this military cargo supposed to be a top military secret land in the hands of China. What would the US authority do to prevent this cargo from landing in China. We can only suppose that this is the secret that nobody will ever know. Not even the 20 employees of Freescale.

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