Confrontation Between Rothschild and Vladimir Putin


By Zine Larbaoui

Ukraine is ablaze again. This country is too large geo-strategically and economically to be left in the lap of Russia. Ukraine is still a closed country that should perhaps “open completely” to the predatory investment establishments of the world, the latter impatiently waiting for the opportunity to loot the country’s wealth. But this confrontation goes well beyond what the media shows us, obviously because in fact it is a clash of power between the Rothschild Zionists and the Orthodox Jews aligned with Putin.

This world may seem complicated if one looks only at its preliminary stage where the most complex intrigues are played out in front of us just to mislead us from the truth. In fact we must delve into the lodges, literally, to understand who has the power and the sought objectives. Whenever there is a conflict in the world, we find the usual suspect is the Rothschild Empire attacking traditionalist bastions of religious, economic, and nationalist blocks that prevent its financial strength to prosper. When one has the ambition to become the master of the world, one can not see swathes of minerals wealth escape. That is why the Rothschild Empire never ceases to expand eastwards after conquering the west.

But then the empire runs into its most powerful enemy: Orthodox Judaism. Or perhaps I should say its closest competitor in the race for supreme power. The Rothschild Empire would create one of their own in the skin of the messiah while Judaism is still waiting. It is a constant struggle between “modernism” which is the ideological property of the Rothschild Empire and cultural and religious “traditionalism” of Judaism. Even in Israel, where the legions of Zionism are pitted against the religious power of Judaism, helps explain why Orthodox Jews are anti –Zionist.

It is worth noting that during World War II, the allies knew about the systematic murder of the European Jewry, knew where the camps were and what was happening. Why did they not bomb the camps and destroy the facilities, saving millions of lives? Perhaps, the Zionist Jews saw in this an opportunity to weaken their brothers in faith and politically prevented an intervention. We also know that Zionist money helped Hitler into power. Ultimately, the Rothschild took Hitler to war for the sole reason that Hitler would not allow Germany’s economy subjected to the Rothschild financial predation. Ironically, positions of power in the Ukrainian government are being filled with self proclaimed Neo Nazis. Isn’t it strange how history repeats?

However, let us be clear, both ideologies are advocating Jewish values and the sacredness of the land of Israel. Thus among the Orthodox Jewish power is the Lubavitch sect who took leadership in advocating strict adherence to Jewish law while supporting Zionism. This sect advocates the forced colonization and military defense of Israel. These Lubavitch Hasidic Jews have taken root in the Russian Empire and are now allied with Vladimir Putin in defending “traditional” society values against the “modernist” society promoted by Rothschild.

In fact, Putin purged the “Rothschild” oligarchs from Russia and kept around him the oligarchs faithful to the original values of Judaism – Oligarchs who organize pilgrimages in the Israeli desert to reconnect with their Jewish roots. So it is the Russian Lubavitch Hasidic Habad who spread themselves across Europe and America with the aim to remind Jews of their Judaism and, in particular, that the Jewish people must embody the moral values of humanity. Alas, a command they do not follow faithfully to the letter as they should, of course. Putin explicitly makes himself their patron and constantly says the first Soviet government was indeed a Jewish government.

Confronting these traditionalist Russian Jews, we naturally find the modernist Jewish Rothschild Empire – those Jews who want to impose their divide and conquer schemes on the peoples of the world and even to that of Israel. Schemes borrowed obviously from the biblical kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah that we all see reflected in our Western societies, are part of the Rothschild designs, kingdoms doomed to disappear in God’s fire. Does Rothschild play the role of the cursed Satan in recreating the kingdoms of the Genesis?

It is therefore logical to see that in the Ukraine, it is Rothschild Jewish oligarchs who finance and orchestrate the push towards the European Union as a panacea for the people, when in fact it is a very obvious panacea for the oligarchs who will exploit their industrial heritage in the wider European market destined to become transatlantic,thus extending the limits of the Rothschild empire.


Ukraine, as a country full of agricultural and mineral wealth and of geo-strategic importance for Russia by economic complementarity, is the subject of increasingly violent confrontation for its conquest. The Orange Revolution financed by Soros failed miserably, Putin has even issued an arrest warrant against Soros; therefore Rothschild geared to the next level by sowing civil violence via a revolution destined to overthrow the government successfully.

Based on this, the useful idiots that are being used in the scheme, notably the Ukrainian nationalists who wish to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people by getting rid of the power too subservient to Moscow, will ultimately be crushed by those with whom they fight, that is to say the Jewish students who want the Ukraine to be an integral part of the EU Ponzi racket and not independent!

We should be reminded that Ukraine has been, in the past, a piece of the Khazar Jewish empire from which the Ashkenazi Jewry devised their own account of Judaism and is also a very important center of worship for the Hasidic Jews. We must also remember that two Ukrainian Jews were behind the creation of the Jewish Congress. Ukraine is, like Russia, a major Jewish political homeland for the world Jewish community.

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