The Art of Political Lying

November 23, 2020 0

Matthew EHRET With idle tales this fills our empty ears; The next reports what from the first he hears; The rolling fictions grow in strength and size, Each author adding to the former lies. Here vain […]


Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe

November 20, 2020 0

Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience. As the alleged “second wave” of the Coronavirus “pandemic” is reported to be sweeping across Europe in […]


Ethereum challenging Bitcoin

November 20, 2020 0

Alexander Douedari Ethereum is considered to be the second-largest Cryptocurrency in the market, and the first Altcoin that created the presence for other Cryptocurrencies to exist such as Litecoin and others. It was always compared to Bitcoin and there was a […]

World Affairs


November 20, 2020 0

 By Alasdair Macleod This article takes a tilt at increasing speculation about statist global resets, and why plans such as those promoted by the World Economic Forum will fail. Central bank digital currencies will simply run […]


The Google Archipelago

November 20, 2020 0

By Jimmie Moglia for the Saker Blog During the cold war the West called dissenters those Russians in the USSR who voiced their complaints against the system. A definition – ‘dissenter’ – which, processed through […]

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