A Time of Lawlessness – T.L. Davis

by T.L. Davis

Very soon the kinetic aspect of WWIII will kick off and the international entanglements of the Biden Administration will become obviously treasonous. It might not even take the actual entry of the war to mark it. As soon as the Israeli ground attack starts, the United States will come apart from within by the recently demonstrated Palestinian forces already here, brought in over the past two years of open borders. If not them, some other hostile forces. The U.S. is weak in every way one wants to measure it, except in its domestic fighting forces that are being kept under surveillance and under suspicion.


The police, as part of the globalist apparatus, will be unable to deal with the violence and they’ll just let it burn. They’ll stand about in their flak jackets and kick the smoldering ashes into a tighter, more orderly pile. We saw it in Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis. This is the Rashida Talib, Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists back in the saddle. Perhaps the George Floyd riots were probing actions, sensing where it can be most effective. Guess what? It’s most effective in any major city. What happens when it takes place in every single one at the same time?

The question is not what will happen, but what will happen after it comes apart? There is no political will anywhere in this bastardized nation to do anything about anything that is not targeted at law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. The allies of the establishment will burn it all down and we will be expected to pay for it to be rebuilt, but now that isn’t as easy as it has been in the past.

At the same time as all of this is taking place, the average American will be struggling to pay for their rents, mortgages and groceries. Businesses will not be able to borrow the money it takes to expand and will even have to cut back on employees and services because the costs of maintaining their business will go up. Every line of credit will see interest rates double and triple that of the previous period. This is because the 10 Year Treasury just topped 5%. Even though it pulled back a little bit, that is why the stock market took a dive on Friday. Five percent is what the banks have to pay the Fed. Bank of America just admitted to having $136 billion in unrealized losses (bonds they can’t redeem) and to keep them from being realized, intends to hold those bonds until maturity instead of dumping them on the Fed and taking the loss. That’s $136 billion in lost liquidity. Which means, Bank of America and others of the same size are currently sitting on enormous amounts of unrealized debts that they will try to hold, but eventually they will need the cash and all hell will be unloosed.

There is no relief on that aspect, either, because the budget deficit was “admitted” to be $1.7 trillion. I say “admitted” because that’s nonsense. It took almost two weeks of shoveling funds into and out of programs; two weeks after their time-honored reporting date, to shove some $300 billion into some other category so they didn’t have to admit, what I mentioned before: that the budge deficit was going to be about $2 trillion. This is significant, because revenue, due to Bidenomics, was off by $500 billion. The intake was $4.5 trillion and the outlay was at least $6.5 trillion. That means that the interest on the debt now exceeds the budget for the Department of Defense.

I ask thee: How does one finance WWIII under these conditions? It can’t be done. The economic system will fold at the same time we’re embroiled in massive civil unrest, actual attacks from foreign enemies on our soil, brought here by the same government stooges that have spent us into oblivion while our navies and air forces are ravaged overseas by militant Jihadists. That is, until the real fireworks get started.

This is why I say, we have to look past the United States of America and toward the New America that lies on the other side of the rubble heap. Now, one might cash in their chips at this point and give up on everything, but that’s what the globalists are counting on. That’s why they’ve exerted their efforts toward this day. I don’t want to let them have it. I could have moved to some other country, I thought about it, but what other country has the history, the legacy of freedom that we do? What other country truly understands the principles behind the power and prestige of the United States of America? It’s hard enough to try and inform those who have lived under the success of the republic, it would be ten times harder trying to convince people of the value of those things who have never experienced it. Try to sell the 2nd Amendment to some other despotic nation.

Those states that do not distance themselves from the system that produced this calamity will be forced to endure the worst of it. I’m hoping a number of them will understand that there is no working with people who have so treacherously betrayed the republic. Even in the states that do, it will not come easy. There is no chance that a whole state will just recognize the absolute truth of the situation, they will cling to what they have known, like a handrail on the Titanic until it sucks them under.

My proposal is to recognize that there is no way out of it now. When it kicks off, either rapidly in the Mediterranean Sea, or slowly here at home, (likely both) all the bricks will come tumbling down. It’s how we address that wreckage that’s important.

Everyone in government right now is to blame. The Executive for their refusal to execute the duly passed and signed laws considering almost everything from border security to election security, from maintaining the defense to corruption and infiltration of the intelligence services. The Legislative for failing to properly manage the budget and restrict spending where necessary to provide for national security. The Judiciary for failing to uphold the principles of the Constitution and ensuring the rights of the people when infringed by the Legislative and Executive. All the rest, the bureaucrats, for failing in their duties to the republic or their states. There is no mechanism to hold them accountable within the system, it has to be done outside of it.

These are catastrophic failures that no other government has survived in the history of the world. Our government is, in effect, in rebellion against the people and has been for a long time, but this day, this moment in time, all the consequences of their actions will have full effect and it will be up to us to decide.

My suggestion is to let go of the handrail on the Titanic and prepare, just as they did in 1776 and 1787 to build a new nation from the rubble, New America. I’ve already started, because it starts in the mind. It doesn’t have to comport with the previous map; it doesn’t all have to come together for good in a few months, it might never be put back together the way it looks now, but we have been through everything before. People from other nations had to change how they lived, what they expected in order to live here. I suggest that we look at it like viewing a new nation and having to sort out what we keep and what we get rid of.

The thing is, we can’t save what we have now. That isn’t going to work and it’ll be painful to try to survive while the old system slowly, or rapidly, deteriorates before our eyes, things like checkbooks and electrical service might not work. Other things might be easier or harder to obtain. Whole segments of industry might collapse. Banking will probably be the first to go. We might even have to fight off invaders after fighting off the invaders the government brought in. It might take generations to get it sorted out and this is just on the off chance that we don’t get conquered by some other nation that was able to survive WWIII, or at least to a greater degree than we did.

China is likely to suffer right along with us. Our banking is almost totally subsumed by the Chinese market in one way or another. When we go down, they will, too, but they have their alliance with Russia and that’s one reason they’ve been working so hard on the BRICS system, they see it coming. Right now, China just wants to weaken us, but no one knows what happens when these forces are unleashed. It’s like being out in the desert when they lit off the first nuclear bomb, would it spark a chain reaction that would ignite the world? They didn’t know for sure, no one does.

The one thing that people really need to understand is that we are already on the globalist side and the Russians and Chinese are on the other side. Not completely, I understand that, but if you think either Putin or Xi are going to take orders from Klaus Schwab, you’re not paying attention. We will, we are, because we don’t have any permanent president, so just like Obama and Biden, they’re for sale to the highest bidder. They’re communists, but once out of office, their capitalists.

I’m not suggesting that this will all happen by one method or another. I don’t have a crystal ball. All I do know is that I have an alternate concept of what America can be in the aftermath of this psychosis that we’ve been trapped in. Will it be possible? That I have no clue, but if I had to put money on any people in the world, I would put it on the American, especially the highly trained and armed Americans I know. There will need to be a time of lawlessness, though.


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