Algeria…You’re Next!

By Zine Larbaoui

Since 2011, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali and the Sudan were the theater of destabilization efforts aimed at installing would-be authoritarian Islamist regimes aligned with Zionist interests, with the exception of Syria still resisting. Another North African nation appears to be the next target of western imperial design. A large plot draws against Algeria, warns Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. In a brief visit to Tunisia a few days ago, Sergei Lavrov warned, during his visit, that “foreign parties” are planning to destabilize Algeria through the marketing of an Algerian spring.

An unnamed Russian diplomat added that these same parties “…have opened several fronts near the Algerian border from Libya, Tunisia and Mali.”

Being traditional allies, Lavrov reiterated his country’s support to Algeria. During his visit in Tunisia, the head of the Russian diplomacy unveiled that Algeria became the target of Washington’s proxy mercenaries to write the last episode of a supposed Arab Spring. He also warned the Algerian authorities against the instigators of this so-called “Arab Spring.”

The Russian Foreign Minister directly incriminates those who were the cause of the destabilization instigated deliberately in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Mali, notably sources that constitute the biggest threat against Algeria. He believes that the new world order conspirators make their plans based on a policy of influence by focusing on popular minorities and terrorist networks.

However, this threat underlined by Moscow is not new for the Algerian intelligence services and definitely not a threat they ignore. Subjected to considerable pressure since the beginning of the civil war in Libya, the Algerian security forces have relied on their experience in the field of counter-terrorism. In a relatively short time , thousands of information and firsthand accounts were analyzed and cross-checked by the Intelligence services in a race against time against all types of threats, including criminal groups borne out of the shadow of the Libyan crisis that has served as a catalyst for a jihadist movement – a movement relativized and sometimes trivialized by all western parties who engaged in war against the Gadhafi regime, including France, Britain and the USA.

The security services have managed to identify newly formed networks consisting of Moroccans and Libyans. The arrest of several Mossad agents in Algeria constitutes tangible evidence. Not finding it necessary to reveal the true scenario programmed to soon hit the oil and gas rich nation, those in the “know” admit Algeria is “fertile ground” for Western appetites. A report from the U.S. State Department on human rights which paradoxically pins Algeria in its crosshairs and of the West Point Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center ( CTC) which scrutinizes everything that happens in southern Algeria under a microscope, claiming that this sensitive region of the country’s economy may be the epicenter of a popular explosion due to the marginalization of minorities, can only be considered as an introduction to the real aims of Westerners.

The following is an initial perception of what is coming indeed. “Is Algeria in the cross-hairs of the USA?” – questioned “L’Expression,” an Algerian newspaper, in one of its previous editions! The answer was revealed in the columns of the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper reported that “U.S. Special Forces troops were operating in Tunisia” – the presence of which is credible but denied by the Tunisian authorities, though the newspaper maintains the presence is justified “…in assisting the Tunisian military forces in the fight against terrorism.”

US Marines, whose number is fifty, have taken position south of Tunisia, a few miles away from the Algerian border, since January 2014. “A helicopter type aircraft settled there also,” adds the Los Angeles Times. It is only the visible part of the iceberg presaging a huge war strategy against Algeria. Indeed, since the end of last year, reports confirmed a strong presence of U.S. intelligence and AFRICOM agents in southern Tunisia. Mindful of its own sovereignty, in January 2013, Algeria had acted in record time to free many hostages from a natural gas plant deep in the Sahara while securing the perimeter. The special unit called to conduct the operation had impressed the world with his professionalism!

Even with the U.S. pretext for mobilization in Africa in coordinating the fight against terrorism and to safeguard their interests, it is still difficult not to believe that the U.S. does have an interest in Algeria reserves of shale gas, conventional gas and other minerals such as uranium.

Extremist groups aligned with the US are already on the ground to start the engine of destabilization in what appears to be another proxy war between the West and Russia.


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