Americans Now PROUD to Be Medicated With Mind-Altering Drugs: #MedicatedAndMighty Hashtag Now Being Used by Total Zombies

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The corporatists at Big Pharma, as well as the purveyors of political correctness, have scored another victory with Americans: shaming anyone who thinks that dangerous psychotropic, mind-and-mood-altering medications are ultimately bad for your health.

They even have a catchy new hashtag campaign underway.

As reported by the left-leaning Buzzfeed news site, #MedicatedAndMightyis a hashtag developed by Erin Jones, a blogger who posted a photo on her Facebook page of her holding a pair of prescriptions for psychotropic drugs after being offline for a while, with this accompanying explanation:

So this also happened yesterday. I have tried living this life without prescription help. It seems to have me on top of the world one minute and rocking in the corner the next. There is no consistency. I’m done with that. Anxiety and antidepressant medication to the rescue. Sometimes, folks, we just need help.

Jones told the online publication that she made her revealing post in order to bring attention to the issue of “mental health” and to be open and honest about her life.

Then, following a story about Jones, 36, in a web publication and public relations firm called The Mighty, the hashtag was born.

‘So this happened today’

– more kids put on

harmful psychotropics

That site notes that Jones is a former hair stylist who left the trade six years ago to homeschool and care for her four children, all of whom are special-needs kids. She said she is on the autism spectrum and lives with ADD, sensory processing disorder, celiac disease, hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism, and has anxiety and depression issues.

What’s odd is that Jones’ first experience with mild-altering psychotropics was not good. Fourteen years ago, she began taking Zoloft for severe post-partum depression, but she says it made her symptoms worse so she stopped taking it.

After a friend took her own life earlier this year, though, Jones thought she should give Big Pharma another chance.

“I thought I was strong enough to handle my anxiety and depression on my own until I had to dig deeper and admit that I needed help,” Jones told The Mighty. “That required more strength than any day I battled it on my own. It’s scary to admit we aren’t all right, especially when everyone depends on us to be.”

In the end, Jones and The Mighty teamed up to create the new hashtag, which is making its rounds on social media as thousands of others – oblivious to the harm being done to their brains – provide free marketing for Big Pharma’s mind-altering psych drugs that seem to be implicated in nearly every mass shooting in America.

Hiding behind the

hashtag from these

irrefutable facts

about psychotropics

“Medication has a terrible stigma. Some brains work differently and that’s okay. You aren’t weak.#MedicatedAndMighty,” read a tweet from a girl going by the handle “Sheeb,” as she posed for a selfie holding herprescription bottle.

“#MedicatedAndMighty bc ur not weak for taking mental health medication, and they’re not just antidepressants!” tweeted Luiza C., posing with an entire bag of meds.

When asked about the widening hashtag campaign, Jones said, “People are tired of hiding. We’re tired of shame. We’re tired of feeling alone. We’re tired of not being heard.”

But what is it these folks want everyone to hear – that they’ve become dependent on unsafe, unproven chemical medication to treat symptoms instead of fundamentally improving their lives through nutrition and natural therapies?

Because it’s clear what these folks don’t want to hear: They don’t want to hear that, in recent years, prescriptions for teens of psychotropic medications has skyrocketed more than 250 percent, or that nearly every mass murder incident since the late 1990s has involved shooters who were heavily medicated with these drugs, or that the high rate of military suicides is due in large part to a concerted effort to overprescribe mood-altering drugs.

None of this matters because, after all, they’ve got a hashtag now, and really, that’s enough to hide behind in this day and age.



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