As Trump Threatens End of NATO Alliance, UK Defence and Security at Risk Given Israeli Involvement?

By Hans Stehling

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The British government, having ignored warnings about the wisdom of allowing the non-EU, non-NATO member, Israel, to be a contractor to the UK Ministry of Defence, now faces the possibility of a seriously compromised national security.

Israeli Likud leader, Binyamin Netanyahu, is Trump’s nuclear lapdog in the Middle East and the Israeli position as a Defence Contractor to the British Armed Forces is now a serious embarrassment and a potential danger to the UK.

For our national defence to be in the hands of the only secret nuclear weapon state in the world with an estimated 400 undeclared warheads, and one that treats the UN with open contempt, was always a dangerous miscalculation. Now, with a rift having been opened between US-Israel and Europe, all military co-operation is suspect and Britain could become dangerously exposed.

The current trade war with the United States has shown, beyond doubt, how international relations can change overnight and when they do it is imperative that Britain’s security is not dependent on an American vassal state in the Middle East.

The government needs to take action now by putting an immediate embargo on all bilateral military trade and co-operation with the state of Israel and to deal only with EU/ NATO member suppliers and contractors.

We would not allow Russian President Putin to attend a COBRA meeting, in Parliament, and neither must we allow Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who represents over a million ethnic Russian Israeli citizens and who is so closely allied with his armaments supplier and logistics director, Donald John Trump, TV game show host, property developer and current President of the United States.


Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. 

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