BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH: The Defining Moment of The Fourth Turning

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“I reside in very blue Leon County, Florida—home to the very liberal state capital of Tallahassee.  Every single election outcome that we’ve clocked went as far in the red direction as they could have.  If two progressives ran in a race, the less progressive candidate won.  Tallahassee Republican Corey Simon even defeated once invincible Democrat Lorraine Ausley to win the Florida State Senate District 3 race—THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE CIVIL WAR.  The hardcore ultra-liberals Democrats were raked over the coals for months for their totally sick and twisted campaign platforms—transgendering young children without parental consent, taxpayers paying for sex change surgery for children, promoting abortions at 9 months and at birth, defunding the police, Black Lives Matter instead of All LIVES MATTER, drag shows for school children 24/7, biological men competing in girls sports, gender and sex education for children in Kindergarten through Third Grade, etc.  So, are we conservatives in Tallahassee to believe that the red wave only swamped us, but somehow missed the other 49 states?!”

— An Angry Conservative Voter

Submitted by The Armchair Election Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

What’s really remarkable is how some of the best “good data-driven” polls scientifically predicted a bloodbath for the Democrats on November 8th. The red wave was rising by the day and rolling swiftly over the whole nation during the weeks prior. A real RED TIDAL WAVE!

And, then, Election Day happened. It was like a massive wall was mysteriously erected to impede the long-prophesied red tsunami that was quite unstoppable.

You gotta give it to the Democrats, they are the stealthiest, slickest, shrewdest election thieves in history—RECORDED HISTORY!!!

KEY POINT: There’s a very good reason why the red tidal wave flooded the entire state of Florida, but failed to deluge the other 49 states. See: Gov. DeSantis is the only governor who secured his state’s election process with a special law enforcement unit.

Democrats [Did Not] Steal Every Single Election In Sight As Expected

So far, anyways, the electorate seems to be completely unaware of the numerous stolen elections across the USA.

That’s how good the Democrats have gotten at stealing elections … and a testament to how many RINOs like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Mitt Romney quietly facilitate the steals.

That the Democrat Party could covertly flip an absolutely certain
electoral bloodbath for themselves, and take away so many
legitimate victories for the GOP, is as impossibly criminal
as it is scandalous to the extreme. And yet no one
is talking about it…at least not yet.

It’s critical for the uninitiated to correctly understand that the Democrats had to steal every single election that they could possibly get away without setting off alarm bells. It’s really the only way they can remain a political force of utter destruction.

Election theft has become like a religion to the Democrat Party because the main pillars of their political platform — across the board — are so cracked and broken that they really have no choice if they are to remain a relevant force in America.

KEY POINTS: SOTN’s election mantra since Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015 was that “the Democrats would forever attempt steal every election in sight”. However, because a critical mass of the electorate is now onto them, they altered their MO significantly on November 8th. This time, the DEMs cunningly stole every single election that they could plausibly and inconspicuously get away with. And a majority of still trusting conservatives may just fall for it.

Thanks for your patience, SOTN readership! This massive election theft will take some serious time and focus to dissect and investigate. Therefore, we will be adding crucial election crime updates to this exposé-in-progress.

In the meantime, all of our VERY smart readers are highly encouraged to send us any evidence of election fraud or outright electoral theft uncovered in your voting districts. This national crime scene is going to take many super sleuths conducting their respective investigations and research projects to properly expose. Please email us at: [email protected]

To view the hard proof of these 2022 Democrat election steals, please check back at this same link: To be continued throughout the course of this election week and beyond.

BOTTOM LINE: The highly consequential aftermath of this 2022 midterm election cycle will go down in U.S. history as the defining moment of The Fourth Turning.

State of the Nation
November 9, 2022

SOTN Editor’s Note: What really happened on Election Night 2022 is that the well-oiled Democrat’s election theft machine did not roll over the country like it did in 2020 “stealing every election in sight”. No, this time they very carefully selected each and every election that they could PLAUSIBLY steal while arousing minimum suspicion. However, when it came to the Senate races, the existing 50/50 split made it necessary for them to work their electoral black magic, especially during the months leading up to Election Day. Of course, with DOMINION always on the side of the Democrats and RINOs, this criminal conspiracy to commit election theft did not require their clunky and clangorous 2020 juggernaut. But it did necessitate exerting complete command and control over those key U.S. Senate election crime scenes. That’s where the hard evidence needs to be found; that’s where the Democrats have perfected the art of the steal.



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