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The dictatorship has already begun.  There is no need to argue about that.If the USSA military is running urban warfare “training exercises” in American cities, practicing the night-time round up of people at gunpoint, and practicing taking them away in helicopters and unmarked, windowless, white vans, under cover of darkness, then what more do you need to know? They are showing you to your face what they are getting ready to do.If you watch a basketball team practicing basketball, you know they are practicing to play basketball. Right? It’s obvious.

If you watch the USSA military practicing to round people up at gunpoint inA_m_e_r_i_c_a_n  c_i_t_i_e_s  then you know that the USSA military is practicing to round up people at gunpoint in  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ .

You fill in the blanks.

Watch the video of what happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Allegedly, those being rounded up and marched away at gun point were “actors.”

Were they? I personally do not know if they were, or were not. I was not there. I was not a part of the urban warfare, military “exercise.”

Is this how it starts? Will they round up the homeless (“actors”) at night and take them away at gun point in white, windowless, unmarked vans? Will they round up political dissidents? Government critics? Anti-war activists? Internet bloggers? Environmental activists who disapprove of Monsanto and British Petroleum, who are outspoken against oil fracking, nuclear power plants and GMOs?

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) authorizes the USSA president to designate anyone, anywhere in the world, as a threat to USSA national security, and have them secretly arrested by the USSA military and indefinitely, secretly incarcerated by the USSA military — without public charge, without evidence, without public trial — nothing.

The victims of the NDAA just disappear, never to be heard from or seen again.

Is the USSA military already disappearing people, right in front of our watching eyes, and calling it an urban warfare, military training “exercise”?

I do not know one way or the other. I simply raise the question, because that is so clearly the unambiguous intent of the “training exercise” in Fort Lauderdale. They are taking people away.

The system is so controlled now, that there’s no easy way to know for sure if it’s real or not.

Was this an NDAA operation to extract specific people of interest and disappear them to USSA Army and CIA torture hell holes where no one hears the screams and FOX/CNN/BBC/NPR/WaPo/NYT/WSJ  “don’t ask no steenkin’ questions”?
We are so far down Alice’s rabbit hole that we don’t know, do we?

People will do whatever they will do — or will not do whatever they will not do. It has ever been thus.

In my case, for whatever reason, I have relocated to South America and intend to remain on this southern continent, where I have requested political refuge in Ecuador.

What has already begun is obvious for anyone with a smidgen of common sense and clear vision.

If you are of legal age, of sound body and mind, have the financial means to do so, and would like to relocate to Ecuador, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will refer you to people who can professionally assist you, help you with visas, find property to buy, and aid you with the logistics of moving. If you are escaping while there is still time, then you can get out. If you endlessly dither, don’t whine if your tail feathers get caught when the red-white-and-blue, fascist, concentration camp door slams shut on your endlessly dithering self.

I make no claim that Ecuador is a paradise. It is a developing country in South America. One of its best qualities is that it is not guilty of repeatedly invading other countries without cause. Above all it is not the USSA, and there are plenty of mangos and lots of other fresh fruits and vegetables in the markets. If you come here, you will face the same trials that you will anywhere else — you still have to live, to integrate into the society, etc. Yes, you will have to speak Spanish (or learn Spanish if you do not know any Spanish). But at least it is not the USSA, and you can make a life here if you so desire. Whether you sink or swim is up to you.

It Won’t Be Too Much Longer Now

My sense is that the present order of things won’t last much longer, indeed it cannot last much longer. I mean that the time frame for REALLY big changes is certainly shorter than five years out, and probably one to two years — or less.

Realistically, on any given day, in any given week,  from here on, the bottom could just drop out of the world system we have known and grown up in and lived in, and change so vast and abrupt could descend on us, on the whole world, that things will never go back to the way they were before.


Come to terms with that. Because that is already the reality in which we live and breathe.

The Pacific Ocean is dying right now. Please try to understand how hugely important that is.

The Pacific Ocean is dying.

The sea lions, the sardines, the sea birds, etc. are all in big trouble. The ocean ecology is unraveling now; it is unraveling rapidly and on a wide scale. I regularly check the energy news aggregator sitewww.enenews.com and the news is alarming.

Couple the ongoing death of the Pacific Ocean with the extremely serious, ongoing drought in the southwestern quadrant of North America and you have the recipe for chaos on a large scale.

The harsh fact is that the drought in California and the greater southwestern region of North America is unrelenting. Various bloggers argue that it is a manmade drought. Whether it is, or is not, is not within the purview of this blog commentary.

What is within the purview of this blog commentary is that the droughtexists, it is ongoing, it shows no sign of ending any time soon, and if it continues another year, California is at risk of running out of water.

That matters because tens of millions of people live in that region. California agriculture also produces a large percentage of the fruits, vegetables and nuts consumed in the USSA. If you live in the USSA you may possibly be about one year away from having a lot less food to eat, and what is available may cost a great deal more, because it will be scarcer.

Even if you are ready for that rapidly approaching reality, countless millions of others are not. Indeed, many of those countless millions of others are almost completely oblivious, and will remain blissfully oblivious right up until crunch time, which now appears to be about 365 days away and counting.

And then where will 30 million Californians go, when they have no water to shower, to cook, to flush the toilet, to drink? Will they go to Arizona? To Nevada? To Utah?

Those states are also desertous or semi-arid areas experiencing prolonged drought conditions. They cannot absorb tens of millions of new residents. There is no water for many millions of desperate, water refugees, no employment, no housing, no social and economic infrastructure.

So what will happen in the southwestern region of the USSA, as the water runs out for tens of millions of people, the social order frays and breaks down, and a large part of the agricultural production on which a nation of 330 million people depends dwindles away to nothing?

This is not an academic question. If the drought continues, these are questions that will be answered in a very direct way, up close and personal, by many millions of people, most of whom have scarcely given the matter two minutes of thought up until now, if that.

I lived in that region for many years — in Albuquerque, in Flagstaff, and San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. When I lived on Koch Field, outside of Flagstaff, people were drilling down 800 feet, to hit the water aquifer on top of the underlying volcanic rock, or trucking in water on big water tanker trucks. When I lived and worked in the Texas Hill Country, people with rural properties were drilling down as far as 800 feet to hit a reliable water aquifer, right on top of the red granite bedrock.

So if in “good” times, you have to go down 800 feet to hit the last aquifer on top of the bedrock, then what is it like when times are “bad,” when the rains don’t come, and there is no water at all in that bottom-most aquifer?

It’s obvious that the end of the easy water is upon us, even as the region’s population continues to grow.

I moved away. I didn’t need anyone to explain to me what could happen. Some things are transparently obvious.

It gets hot in that region in the summer — real hot. If you have no water to drink ….. oh, well.

In July of this year, the USSA military begins a massive, multi-state “exercise,” called Operation Jade Helm, in the southwestern region of the USSA, in which the Pentagon will send special forces units among the civilian population.

In light of the impending, civilization altering, water crisis in the southwestern region of North America, which the Pentagon planners certainly know about, they are clearly making military plans to “manage” the inevitable societal crisis and upheaval that the end of peak water in the North American southwest will occasion.

If you need a translator to explain the USSA military’s crisis “management” procedures, then please see: wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam and the USSA Army’s so-called “Indian Removal” of the early 19th century, also known as the “Trail of Tears,” with a heavy emphasis on the tearful aspect, as well as the USSA Army’s many so-called “Indian Wars.”

Hint: the USSA Army has slaughtered unknown millions of people over the last two centuries, all over the world, including in North America. It’s what the USSA military does. American soldiers are equal opportunity barbarians.

Not surprisingly, given the long history of USSA military invasion and occupation in the Latin American and Caribbean region (Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.), the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) just last week called for the USSA to withdraw all of its military bases from the Latin American region.

The world grows weary of the USSA’s “exceptional” military violence.

There’s Always More

This blog is called the Event Horizon Chronicle for a reason. I write about the events and happenings having to do with the ongoing, massive, historical inflection point we are now experiencing, because if I didn’t there are people who actually still would not get it otherwise.

They just wouldn’t. The fact that they are living through, and may be about to die as a direct cause of, the Mother of All Historical and Planetary Discontinuities, on this or any other planet, in galaxies far and wide, would go flying right over their head –as they debated whether to have cheese cake or strawberry pie for dessert tonight.

And then, in the not-too-distant future, as their water runs out, and as they are about to die from thirst, they will wonder: “WTF??!!” How the f*** did this ever happen?”

Trust me, even now there are countless, clueless millions. I sometimes hear from a few of them. I do believe some of them are medicated, perhaps “self” medicated, if you follow me.

It’s a bitter thing, what is going down on this planet. And it may get a great deal more bitter in the months and years to come. The trajectory we are presently on as a (not very intelligent) species may quite possibly result in the extinction of the human race on this planet, as well as a great deal of the rest of the life on this planet.

The extinction process is factually already well underway.

We are now in the midst of an enormous, global, biological extinction event that many biologists are calling the Sixth Great Extinction.

The human race is the primary culprit. We do not play well with others. In the short term our thoughtlessness is decimating many thousands of other species — in the very slightly longer term (which is already heaving into view) we are at risk of decimation ourselves.

By some estimates, fully 50% of the wildlife on this planet has died within the last 40 years, most of it owing to ill-advised human activity. At that rate, by mid-century no wildlife will remain on this planet.

In reality, as the wildlife dwindles away, there is increased competition to kill the decreasing numbers that remain, putting even more stresses and pressures on the declining wildlife numbers.

Which means that the other 50% of the Earth’s wildlife will not last 40 more years,  maybe not even 30 or 20 years, unless the entirety of humanity itself undergoes a HUGE, spiritual, mental, philosophical, emotional, economic and political change, all across the planet.

That has not happened yet, and until and unless it does, we remain on a direct, crash course for unimaginable, global disaster.

Drought in São Paulo, Brazil

However serious the water crisis may be in California next year, in São Paulo, Brazil the crisis is here now. The rains have failed, evidently because so much of the Amazon forest has been destroyed that it has disrupted normal, South American weather cycles.

The Sahara desert has no forests. There are very few trees there (only in the scattered oases). It scarcely rains at all in the Sahara desert.

The Brazilians are destroying the Amazon forest and one consequence is that it has started raining a great deal less than it used to.

It turns out that when you chop down millions and millions of trees that it has real, extremely negative, environmental effects.

Who knew?

And yet, that is the mentality of many millions of humans to this day — chop! chop! chop!

Even now, the chain saws and bulldozers are grinding away every day, throughout the Amazon rainforest. I have seen it here in Ecuador. Every year, more of the world’s last, great, tropical rainforest is cut down, bulldozed, burned.

Going, going ……

And so it has stopped raining in Brazil, and São Paulo, a metropolitan region of 20 million people, has almost run out of water. If it does not begin raining torrentially in the very near future, the next months may bring the sort of chaos that have unknowable, unpredictable outcomes.

The problem for São Paulo is that the coming months are the dry season, when it rains very little.

São Paulo is, therefore, a sort of test run for California, and right now things are not looking good at all in São Paulo.

It is the largest city in South America, the economic hub of Brazil; if São Paulo collapses there will be large, economic, political and social ripple effects right across Brazil and beyond.

Similarly, if the economy, agricultural production and social order in California collapse due to the worsening drought, there will be large, economic, political and social ripple effects all across the USSA, and far beyond.

Get ready, that’s all I can say. The world has changed. Have you?


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