Dictatorship, Psychotropics and Other Harmful Drugs



By TLB Contributor: L. Femine

In a video of Obama joking with Jay Leno about his approval ratings having gone so low, his look of bemused nonchalance is chilling. This was followed by: “It doesn’t bother me.” Wow. Why doesn’t it bother him? I wondered.



Many people in this country might think this air of confidence says he has it all in hand, he believes in himself and his ideas and he is sure we will all be just fine. You know – courage in the face of adversity. I believe that was what he was trying to convey. It’s possible he even believes Obamacare and Common Core will save this country along with all his executive orders and wars to bring peace. Many dictators have been delusional, possibly all of them.

But that frightening and arrogant twinkle of humor in his eyes spoke of some underlying plans…well, they’re not so underlying anymore which is even more frightening. It seems the globalists don’t give a flying hoot how much we know, they’re going to stomp on our toes anyway! Maybe they believe we’re cowed enough, despite the mounting evidence against them, and they’re just moving forward with decorating their New World Order offices.

It’s a well-known fact that psychiatry and the drug companies are shoving dangerous, mind-altering and harmful medical drugs down more and more citizen throats. It’s really a political move to shut up dissidents so fascism can survive more comfortably.

Adolf-Hitler-Nazi-War-leader-of-Germany-2213487[1]But what about leaders and dictators? The attached article goes into the possibility that the massive amounts of drugs Hitler had been taking had an influence on his sanity and the destruction of his country. I wouldn’t doubt it, though he wasn’t too stable to begin with. Actually, that is probably a mental quality searched for in the making of a dictator. One would have to be a little off to believe he can be joyful to the end of his days and even go to heaven by squashing his people.

On their way to glory, however, it stands to reason that the relentless oppression of a nation in all ways possible might eventually wear on one’s rational thinking, no matter how strong the convictions were from the start or how much glee there was in carrying out the gruesome plans. After a while, the visions of death and destruction, lousy approval ratings and threats of ousting could very likely lead to downing some serious drugs to numb the mental images.

Although there seems to be no conclusive evidence Obama is taking any psychotropic drugs, there is some speculation, especially since he is keeping his health records as secret as his birth certificate. It’s been said he’s taking Zanax. I’m not moving into gossip here, just trying to point out another possible dangerous element – drugs – emanating from the White House.

young-obama1[1]Added to that is the fact that Obama WAS a cocaine user when he was younger. Although today he might not be on that drug as well as pot, it’s still not the best resume to be president. That, plus the pressures of the presidency added to his deteriorating popularity could easily shift him back to the world of drug escape and “feel-goodness.”

How far off would it be to make this comparison: Almost all the mass shooters were on psychiatric drugs. Could it be Obama, in “shooting up” the whole country, is on psychiatric drugs? Is that really a stretch?

This, by no means, is some excuse for his behavior but another indicator of how far a dictator will go to enhance his unreasonable and insane lust for power – at everyone’s expense. After all, he IS a drug lord, as evidenced by his massive support of psychiatry and their drugs via Obamacare.

CASHCOWFOR-BIG-PHARMA[1]In the end, however, does it really matter if Obama is on psychiatric drugs? The fact is the drug companies contributed heavily to his election campaigns; that explains his allegiance and motivation, whether he is drugged, himself, or not – a dictator’s forte is to drug the population. The globalists have his full support to drug as many people as possible in this country. That’s far more serious. The real target is not Obama but psychiatry and the drug companies.

That old comment on someone who’s a little off the wall or made some mistake, “Are you on drugs?” is not much of a joke anymore. It’s one less person that’s going to respond to – Wake up America! Thus, the globalists, through the means of psychiatry, the drug companies and Obama achieve their “peaceful” evolution into the New World Order.




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