Global Governments Worldwide Have Failed

By Jim Kirwan

Dore ‘The Rich visiting the Poor’ in Dante’s Inferno

The world’s richest one percent now own nearly half the world’s wealth. According to a new poll which warns that the growing inequality could…”

That’s a full ten percent increase over last year,’ proving once again that WAR is great business, given that just 85 people have as much money as three and a half Billion people in the poorest nations of the world.” In Bulletin Board today from roughly 17min to 19 min:

Imagine the government officials of many nations dressed in five thousand dollar suits, if you can: Crawling around a medieval torture chamber with bodies hanging from chains and corpses strewn in every corner. Each of them is wearing ear-phones bolted to their bleeding heads; their mouths are stitched shut and their eyes have been removed. Can you “see” them trying to orient themselves while their lofty owners stroll about: Lashing them with glee? The stench is overpowering, but this is the unifying reality in the world today—yet no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. It has not always been this way. When the latest fad called ISIS has run its course this is what will be left to contemplate: Our return of the Eleventh Century.

From one of Dante’s Circles in the Divine Comedy, or the remnants of whatever remains of Syria, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon or Ukraine?

Is the world of 2014 capable of growing up enough to stop this nightmare or will we continue to follow the deaf, blind and mute that so clearly hate their subjects? They’re not calling the shots but they are overseeing the fallout from the gore amid the cacophony of silence which rules the world today?

Does humanity have to go all the way back to total insanity or are we capable of something more? It is still up to us to change the nightmare, but to do that we must act now.

In the states we’re in the second month of “Ferguson October”, with no clear result. Two more blacks have been murdered, while we are stuck with waiting another two weeks for a supposed jury to decide one simple question: Was the first unarmed black man murdered in cold blood or not! If his death was clearly murder than the uniformed creature that did it must be charged with murder and punished. WHY is this “trial” taking so long? The state is proving itself to be totally incapable of managing anything, especially not in Ferguson Missouri.

In both of these ‘incidents’ mentioned here, the same filthy rich oligarch’s are definitely behind everything that’s still happening.

Bush the Dictator, or “the Decider” as he called himself, is directly responsible for the illegal creation of “Blackwater” which opened the door to hundreds of private mercenary armies worldwide. The point was supposedly to create mercenary forces to change the capabilities of our failing forces overseas—but that was a lie.

The reason for adding this totally illegal band of murderers to “U.S. Forces” was to license the force needed to ultimately protect those 85 very special people from the hordes of those that are about to starve to death. What if the world were to do the research and figure out who those 85 reptiles are that are demanding WWIII so they can get the contracts to “fight” that war which will end up giving all of them the entire planet, of which they only have managed to steal half so far?

The current “Police-State with all their new military toys are just another spin-off designed to make it easier to control the hordes of disaffected bodies, that will soon begin to form in the streets around this place. But no matter how many of these illegal forces can be assembled, supposedly to stop the coming tsunami of human flesh; it will never be enough, because the world is just too big for any one group to ever totally control all of it.

Once upon a time the military forces of each nation were confined to wars in which that nation was involved. But with the licensing of global-outlaws who now serve private corporations, global-thieves and bankers; there is no longer any resident population that can claim these illegally formed private armies as their representatives. So the wars will go on indefinitely because those who hire these mindless thugs will never be satisfied until they finish stealing the whole planet.

Governments, once upon a time, could be held responsible for what their forces did or did not do. But then we created global cops and global associations to “regulate” the planet. That turned out to be a total failure because none of them ever do anything to those who pay for the criminals that do the genocide the torture and the murders world wide. The goal in all of this was to rid the world of all the laws. They’ve already done that. Now they’re trying to destroy any and all forms of “RESPONSIBILITY” and it seems that they’ve almost accomplished that too. How else can we have some countries that are bombing the same people that they are funding in separate areas of their supposed nations?

There can only be one answer to this world that has embraced these obscenities. We must resist or we shall all be slaves or dead: Because they care not which way this resistance ends up going.

Their behavior is not confined to just a few nations any longer: This is fifth generation warfare where no one is held responsible, and no one must ever pay to rebuild anything that’s been utterly destroyed?

There are no longer any international standards with any teeth. Just as there are no guidelines for any corporate laws by which the 85 very special thieves can get exactly what they want from the rest of us and no one can be blamed for anything they do to finish their acquisition of the resources, the finances, the treasure or the blood of those they’ve forced into permanent slavery?

That’s what happens when the world no longer even monitors what any so-called nation does. The courts are just Kafkaesque exercises in a global-farce; while wars are only started to get the contracts humming with no thought of ever having to win or lose anything ­ regardless of how obscene behaviors become. That’s why burying people alive, beheadings and blatant torture has become the norm: Genocide has replaced “border disputes” and Apartheid has become a way of life among the filthy rich worldwide.

Are we really this insane?

What is taking so long in each and every case? Russia has been calling for investigations all over the map from Ukraine to Europe, whether it’s illegal murders, torture or genocide. They’ve been asking since MH 17 went down for a full and open inquiry, but nothing has even remotely begun. Same thing with the continuing crimes in Ukraine, along with the slovenly prosecution of the sanctions against Russia along with the blatant destruction of the livelihood of millions of people around the world, from every war that Israel has ordered us to fight for them.

It does not seem to matter which country does what to who. The one thing that screams back at the world is that the world is considered to already belong to those 85 troglodytes who want to own it all. Yet if the world seems to not concern itself: Then we are all doomed to follow them straight into oblivion, unless we finally ACT to make the very real changes that must be pursued.

The referendum in Scotland had a 110% outcome yet still no one is challenging the vote count.

Longshanks Still Lives

Now country after country is upholding the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements and the rest of the Oligarch’s against the people in nation after nation who are being strangled by the depths of ’austerity corruptions’.

Are we children that are only here to be told what to do? Can we no longer think for ourselves about those issues that most directly affect everything we do with our lives? Have we no say about who can live and who must die by participating in criminally dictated wars for massive profits that will finish destroying every nation that participates in any of these non-wars that now litter the earth with blood and gore? What happened to being human? What happened to taking responsibility and attacking the thugs that are killing our children in the streets?

If you still can’t see this then you should be thrown into those medieval torture chambers along with the rest of the deaf, dumb and blind that have made this all possible in the fall of 2014…

The “governments” have already failed. All that remains to be seen is how many more of us will go with them: Versus how many will cut the umbilical cords and free ourselves from the Fourth Reich, the Zionists the Israeli’s and all the self-styled Outlaws that abound in every country today?

The fake world governments have massively failed. The only real question left is will we join them, or will we create new pathways into the future that can address both the needlessly dead as well as the promise of a real tomorrow?

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