Gold – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

The mainstream media seems to have an agenda to scare people away from acquiring gold. Don’t even think about it! If you listen to what is said on mainstream TeeVee and what is spread across newswires like the Associated Press (AP), which goes to online/hard copy news organizations around the world, you hear and read the same things over and over. Gold is bad, gold coins are being counterfeited, gold doesn’t pay interest, gold is… fill in the blank. These are scare tactics designed to keep people out of the gold market and, more specifically, to keep their wealth within the reach of the banksters and the government. Gold places a barrier between our wealth and the banking and ruling class. Our wealth becomes a little more difficult to reach when it is stored in gold and silver.

This is a recent article spread across the AP. The version we dissect below is from the LATimes

If you thought the “Brexit” vote was scary, check out the full-page newspaper ad that recently appeared in the New York Times recounting all the horrors in the present tense, as if they were still unfolding: The vote “topples” the British government, “crushes” the pound and “wipes away” billions in stock market wealth.

Then came the purpose behind all the panicky prose.

“Buy Gold Now!”

Let’s recount some of the claims from the ad the article references.

“The vote topples British government”. Well, if memory serves, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned within 24 hours of the vote passing. That speaks in volume as to the stability of the British government or did I miss something?

“crushes the Pound”. Once again relying on memory the British Pound Stirling fell like a stone on Friday June 24 in response to BREXIT passing. Once again, a false narrative being pushed by the Associated Press. Who is scaring who?

“wipes away billions in stock market wealth” – If the stock market reacts to the BREXIT vote in a negative manner and values fall across the board does that not qualify as “billions in stock market wealth”? If it doesn’t it should. All misleading statements intended to scare people out of gold and keep people from considering protecting their wealth with gold.

Finally the punch line – “Buy Gold Now”. As the AP refers to it “panicky prose“. Well, gold and silver have protected wealth from exactly these types of events for thousands of years. Gold and silver server two basic purposes – insurance against currency crisis – BREXIT certainly qualifies and gold is a measure of an economies health. Once again, BREXIT exposed the unhealthy nature of the British economy and smart people, who were following the lead of highly intelligent people, began acquiring gold and silver. A lot of the people transferred their digital digits within the system from one account to the fraudulent GLD and/or SLV believing they were actually placing gold and silver in their portfolio. Sadly, they are being scammed once again.

Next we find the following

The ad was from a company selling gold coins that is run by Philip Diehl, a coin expert in Austin, Texas. “Phones have been ringing off the hook,” said Diehl of the reaction to Brexit. Gold is “a way of protecting wealth. It’s like auto insurance or house insurance.”

This is 100% correct as I stated above. Insurance against a currency crisis and wealth protection. So, the AP published a factual statement that was from someone else.

But before joining the rush, experts warn, beware that assets marketed as conservative and safe bought in a panic can sometimes wallop investors.

A quarter of a century ago, money poured into “world income funds” that bet on seemingly conservative short-term government debt. And after the 2008 financial crisis, index annuities were pitched as a way of betting on stock indexes with no risk of loss, a big draw after the U.S. market had lost half its value in a little over a year.

All these seemingly safe products slammed investors with high fees or kept them from accessing their money or socked them with outright losses.

Now we see the real scare tactics used by this mouthpiece for the elite/globalist. What the AP is describing sounds like derivatives. Yet another fraud, cooked up by the banking cabal with the sole purpose of stealing wealth and transferring wealth away from the retail investor and onto the books of the banking cabal. These three paragraphs are 100% correct. This did happen and a lot people had untold billions transferred out of their accounts and into the globalist accounts during the time of panic selling. These criminals count on emotional reactions from investors in order to maximize the fleecing. The more we panic, the more they profit.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the words used:

slammed investors with high fees or kept them from accessing their money or socked them with outright losses

Allow those word to sink in for just a moment and remember where you were told about these “fees”. Was it at the coin dealers shop where you were acquiring gold or was it the financial institution that generated, not only massive profits from panic buying/selling, but then collected fees for the emotional panic selling they created. These financial instruments serve one purpose – fleecing wealth from retail investors (that’s you and me).

What about the part that states – kept them from accessing their money? What about those words? Those words should terrify even the most brain dead investor. There is a saying around these parts and it goes like this “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.” Nothing could hold more truth during a situation like BREXIT. If your wealth is nothing more than digits on a screen you may want to reconsider that position. If the bank shuts down, for any reason, and you can not access your wealth do you really have any wealth? If you have no cash on hand and operate your life with plastic and the bank shuts down for any reason, then what? How do you put gas in the car, food on the table or bribe a cop to let you pass through the check point without being searched or turned away?

The real scare tactics are coming from the AP not the bullion dealer. The bullion dealer is simply pointing out what we should already know but don’t. The AP is twisting the picture to fit a narrative that makes people believe in lies and deceit. When was the last time the bank made a mistake in your favor and the error was upheld? When was the last time the bank made an error in their favor and it was upheld after you presented ALL the appropriate documentation? We lose either way.

Now we get to the part where the paper scheme comes into full view:

Diehl thinks it will continue to rise because of all the turmoil in the world. Investors seem to agree. In the five trading days after the Brexit vote, $2.7 billion rushed into gold funds, according to EPFR, a research firm. That is more than 10 times the typical weekly investment in the last bull market for gold in 2011.

For all the popularity of the funds, gold bulls who are worried about a sort of financial Armageddon argue you’re only really safe owning the metal itself, something like what Diehl sells, a coin you can hold in your hand and use to trade and survive.

Regulators have long warned of shady sales practices in the business of selling physical metal, though.

Dave Kranzler and I just finished an extensive breakdown of the GLD and SLV ETF funds – you can listen HERE. These frauds have zero accounting and zero oversight. Most people do not know or understand this. JPMorgan Bank was just assigned as a “sub custodian” to HSBC who is the primary custodian of GLD. It just so happens that JPMorgan is the primary custodian for the SLV ETF fund. Needless to say both of these crime syndicates have been “fined” on numerous occasions for market rigging, drug money laundering and HSBC has been fined a second time for funding terrorist organizations. How much do you trust a company that funds terrorist or launders drug money? You know, the drugs that have wreaked havoc on your family or yourself. HSBC has been fined for aiding and abiding these drug dealers to deliver drugs to your neighborhood. So, remind me again who is conducting “shady sales practices“? My guess is that Mr. Diehl has no criminal record and my guess is also that he does not have a background in fraud, drug money laundering and funding terrorist organizations on his resume’ either.

Believe what you wish and hold on to what makes you sleep best at night. But when the STHF and your wealth is completely wiped out and you are left destitute on the side of the road, don’t say you weren’t warned. These criminals are getting desperate and just like the “panic buying and panic selling” described above, desperate people do desperate things. Don’t allow your wealth to be in the way.

[Editor’s Note – All quotes above are from the LATimes and if you wish to be scared, told what a child you are and how you must have help to make any and all decisions you can find the article in whole by clicking here]


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