Is this the end?

By Zine Larbaoui


As far as Civilization can be traced, tools of mass control were and remain the accompanying devices in the exploitation of man by man, a phenomenon typical of the Human Species, yet foreign to the Animal world. Ever since humans settled their land and the yield of their labor produced more than they could consume, institutional trading was born and down the line, the creation of…the root of all evil: Money.


Thus additional individual labor yield begot trading, trading begot money and money begot corruption and corruption begot power.


To protect and perpetuate power, the concentration of which befell into fewer hands, mass control had to be instituted. Enter the new mediums of control: the creation of sects and its myriad of Idols, Talismans and Gods. Throughout millenniums, the establishment of houses of worship provided the laws by which men submitted to the benefit of Warlords and Kings.


As the power of money grew, so did the appropriation of territory and the expropriation and enslavement by brute force of land settlers. City states and fiefdoms started to sprout, trading posts, sea lanes, caravans and commercial routes created, soon enough…empires emerged.


Meanwhile, wars on religious sects raged on to be consolidated into major religious institutions for the indoctrination of the rabble. From then on, through centuries, using the same narratives, these institutions and its ruthless clergy ruled over the affairs of the commons. When a religious institution fell, another raised, recycling the very same narrative but changing the characters.


Slave values such as guilt and humility in total contrast of their Master’s values were taught and self-hatred inseminated, projecting hate and the petty prejudices that comes with it in a scheme to conquer and divide the populace.

And this state of affairs continued until sickness started to take hold of this nihilistic system, starting with the Reformation, leading to the Renaissance and rushing into the Enlightenment years. Doubt about the integrity of Religion started to propagate at an alarming rate. Nietzsche summed it up in three words, “God is dead!” meaning the belief in God.


God had to be replaced. The Masters of the Universe had to replace God. But with what?.…With the State. Thus the birth of Nationalism emerged. And with the nation, the religion of Materialism which is nothing less than worshiping another idol resulting in the rule of Money, Monopoly Capitalism and the interest rate slave.


Yet, today, this system is on its last leg. Crony capitalism is failing; the realization that materialism did not fulfill the aspiration of freedom and spiritual happiness, at best acted as a temporary sugar rush…Today, the world is restless. The world is awakening to the nihilistic paradigm inflicted upon it through millenniums, yet the elite proposes the continuation of this human tragedy on a global scale after subjecting the global population to a significant reduction.


Will Mankind reclaim the nobility and sovereignty of its destiny? Shall we put the era of Judgment behind us? All is in your hands. Yet, here is a clue: Love yourself, love one another, and love the Earth, love life. Where Hate failed, Love may well succeed. Why not try it?

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