John Embry Interview: Gold, Silver, Interest Rates, Paradigm Shifts & More

Chris Waltzek, Goldseek Radio, Released on 10/27/15

*An interview summary is below the video

  • On the heels of a multi-week PMs sector rally, John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, returns to the program.
  • His work indicates much higher levels ahead for the sector, once the underlying bullion regains its footing.
  • Our guest doubts the Fed or their central banking colleagues will raise rates for years to come, to the delight of gold aficionados.
  • Monetary policymakers are constrained by staggering global debt levels – the 5 leading US money center banks alone hold over $200 trillion in interest rate sensitive, notional derivatives – financial weapons of mass destruction (F-WMD).
  • As a result, even the hint of higher nominal rates could trigger a worldwide debt implosion of epic magnitude.
  • The issue appears to stem from the failure of officials to recognize the global scope of inflation.
  • According to theory originating from the School of Austrian Economics, previous hyperinflationary episodes were contained to national borders.
  • Never in history has the global economy faced such a tsunami of inflation.
  • Once national debt reaches critical mass, officials must either stop the monetary printing presses or hyperinflation on a worldwide scale is imminent. .
  • The host firmly agrees with John Embry and his business partner Eric Sprott who insist that silver represents the most undervalued asset class.
  • Their analysis suggests a 10 fold increase in silver is likely, which could represent a significantly low-ball estimate.
  • Lower silver supply could add to already explosive demand, resulting in a massive shortage.
  • The end result could be a price surge of Herculean proportions.
  • The duo concur – the ideal investing mindset requires a paradigm shift, from capital appreciation, to wealth preservation.

John Embry joined Sprott Asset Management LP as Chief Investment Strategist in March 2003. He plays an instrumental role in developing the corporate and investment policy of the firm. John, an industry expert in precious metals, has studied the gold sector for over thirty years and has accumulated industry experience as a portfolio management specialist since 1963.


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