New York Prison Break: False Reality Event Benefits Scandal-Ridden Governor Cuomo

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MoralMatters | 6.2015

Unscrupulous politicians always have ways to minimize their scandals. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is no different. It appears as if the recent alleged and widely reported New York “prison break” was and is designed to smoke screen (take the “heat” off) some of Cuomo’s scandals.

A Moralmatters Reader offers his observations on the apparent contrived “prison break”  

Official Narrative:

Two hardcore criminals, convicted murderers, allegedly used heavy-duty power tools, over a number of days, to drill their way out of a Maximum Security Prison in upstate New York. The story cannot be true.

Look at the photos: they tell the story.

The man in the blue shirt appears just below the alleged “escape pipe” in the first photo. The pipe is, at most, 15 inches in diameter, and could neveraccommodate a grown man (just compare the man in the photo with the size of that pipe).

No Way Two Men Could Have Entered That Pipe And Have Used Loud Power Tools, Over A Number Of Days, To Make Their Escape.

Again, Take A Close Look At That First Photo And Compare The Size Of The Man To The Circumference Of That Pipe.



Look at the post-it note the prisoners allegedly left stuck onto the pipe.

The drawing on that note is filled with symbolism, but notice how neatly – perfectly – the little Chinese coolie caricature is drawn. Do you believe two hardcore criminals – convicted murderers – would take the time to draw a perfect circle and a perfect pyramid, and then scribble a note in a woman’s handwriting?

Is it a coincidence that this sensational news story, a “prison break,” was from theClinton Correctional Facility in New York?

After having evaluated this ridiculous story, complete with all the symbolism, it appears to me that the Control System (C/S) is telegraphing their intentions to foist a major false flag “terror” event on us again.

Don’t be surprised if you hear a report that the Satanist NY governor mandates a town on lock down and then orders door-to-door (Gestapo-style) searches – all because there were reports of “sightings” of the two escaped convicts.

Police? What are they doing wearing U.S. Federal Army type fatigues? Would you like your property and privacy trampled whenever gov't sounds its pretext propaganda alarms? - "Here's how the police are trying to track down 2 murderers who escaped from a maximum-security prison" -

Desensitizing The Public:

There is a man hunt going on: Gestapo-style door-to-door searches, schools being searched top to bottom, militarized police entering homes, etc.

I heard that the “man hunt” is being carried out from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico.

Today, some pundit on the radio “suggested” that one of the escapees might turn on the other and KILL him (there is no honor among thieves). Then another radio pundit suggested that the two escaped prisoners will get into a standoff with the police.

Those pundits are paid shills, and are likely “telegraphing” to the listening audience the events the Control System will roll out to end this “crisis.”

It’s All A Hoax To Help American Civilians To Get Comfortable With The Idea Of Having Hoards Of Military Police Swarming Our Towns, And Even Our Back Yards, To Keep Us “Safe.”

False Reality NY Prison Break Photo, Ridiculous:

How could anyone believe those photos?

Photo op pic of 2 men inspecting the alleged pipe passage escape. Pic source:

I sent only two photos to my friends, and one look at them told the whole story:

1. The photo of the two men standing near the pipe – A grown man could not fit into the pipe

2. The photo of that fake Chinese coolie drawing on a post-it note – two hardcore criminals would never take the time to create such a neat drawing

“Pipe Of Escape”

People are so stupid.

Just one look at those men standing next to the alleged “pipe of escape” tells the Whole Story.

And now we have a massive dragnet-manhunt to find two knucklehead actors.

Stand by for the end of this story. It’s likely to be a spectacular Hollywood production.

Alleged pic of New York Prison escapee accomplice, Joyce Mitchell. Pic Source -

Crisis Actor Prisoner Escapee Female Accomplice

I just heard that the cops arrested prison worker (Joyce Mitchell, see attached photo), the person who allegedly helped the prisoners escape.

It is such an obvious Hoax.

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