Paul Craig Roberts: The Dollars Days Are Numbered

Source: ETF Daily News

dollar etfThe Silver Bug: In the most recent Sprott Money’s Ask The Expert, we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the co-founders of “Reaganomics”, Mr Paul Craig Roberts.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and is currently one of the most respected voices in the alternative media movement.

The number of questions we received for Mr Roberts, was truly overwhelming and we thank our viewers for that. Although not all questions could be asked, due to the time restraints of the interview, key topics were none the less covered. Some of these, but not all, included the following:

  • The oncoming U.S. financial crisis
  • Precious metals manipulation
  • Hyperinflation
  • Unemployment and much more

The general feeling that you get from Mr Roberts, is that Americas time as a world superpower is running out. The US has fallen into extreme corruption and the dollar’s days as the reserve currency are numbered.

Please enjoy this interview and once again, thank you for your questions and keep them coming.


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