Putin’s Russia: The New World Order’s Main Obstacle.

By Zine Larbaoui

On Friday September 5th, British Prime Minister asked that Russia be disconnected from the SWIFT Interbank network (an international payment system), as was the Vatican (which forced the departure of Benedict XVI) and Iran. Except that Putin’s Russia is neither the Vatican nor Iran!

This action is a declaration of war, indirect yet very real.

Cameron wants to starve the Russian people to punish them for Putin’s actions. And if the EU and the US disconnect Russian banks from Swift, I would not bet for peace.

Even more hilarious, two hits in a single throw, Russia will not be able to pay for delivery of the French Mistral warships, and therefore the move cancels the sale out.  On a side note, the United States welcomed the wise decision by France to suspend delivery of the first warship Mistral to Russia, a contract that sickened Washington for months due to the crisis in Ukraine. The UK Will press EU leaders to consider blocking Russian access to the SWIFT banking transaction system under sanctions over the expansion of the conflict in Ukraine, a British government official said … SWIFT, is one of Russia’s main connections to the international financial system. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government plan to put the topic on the agenda for a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels on Saturday September 6, according to the official, who asked not to be named because the discussions was private.

Of course, the so-called “top secret” talks landed immediately on the media’s lap, just to show the Russians what to expect. This is vaguely reminiscent of the blockade that Napoleon had wanted to impose to ruin the English. Not only did it not work, but we know how badly it ended. Today, Russia and China are very close, not to mention the support of India and of course Brazil. As this economic war escalates very quickly at the moment, it does not take long for this to turn into a Ukrainian war, coupled with the deployment of American, French, English, Spanish and Italian troops. We’re talking World War Three here.

French president Hollande spoke this weekend about the possibility of a war, echoing some president of some former Soviet republic. Understand: there will be a war; the system is preparing the public to its fate. Only a war can deflect the Global Financial System’s bankruptcy. States at war are no longer liable for their treasuries obligations.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe regained its separated brothers from the center: Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, etc. Not only the countries of the former “Warsaw Pact” regained their independence but former countries attached to the USSR sphere of influence became independent, the three Baltic States, Georgia, Armenia, etc. Consequence: Russia was reduced geographically for the first time since the end of the reign of Catherine II in the eighteenth century. Never has a great power allowed many setbacks without war, for the greater good of humanity.

But there are limits that should not be crossed. When Russia’s neighboring countries get closer to the “Atlantic” Alliance and its NATO military organization aligned to the bellicose  policy of the UK, France, United States of America and Israel in attempting to encircle it, Russia feels that these anti-Russian and pro-Zionist policies of neighboring countries constitute grave threats against her, like pistols pointed at her.

Wanting to encircle Russia, sanctioning her away from the settlement of world affairs, marginalizing, distorting the presentation of her actions, intoxicating views on its alleged imperialist policy is to act against Europe; because, yes, Europe needs a strong Russia, Europe needs a respected Russia, it needs a Russia secured in its borders.

No, it is not Russia that is threatening; it is the expansionism of NATO on behalf of Big Money which is the major risk factor for war. Russia must know that Europeans need a strong, firm, yet measured Russia.

Europe must not be attached to a containment policy directed against Russia and it is comforting to witness pointed dissensions among its members.

May friendship and peace prevail with Eternal Russia!


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