The Death of the Dollar: “I Can’t Emphasize Just How Serious Of An Issue That’s Going To Be”

By Mac Slavo

death-of-the-dollar-smallGeo-political tensions around the world are indicative of a fast approaching breaking point. There is not a single populated region on earth right now that is not experiencing sweeping changes. Europe, the middle east, Asia, the Americas – it’s happening everywhere and all at once. Trying to make sense of it all can be a daunting task. But make no mistake. All of these events are interrelated and their outcomes will have a direct impact on the future of America and the world in the 21st century. To understand what’s happening on the grand chessboard one must avoid the narratives being touted by media propaganda networks in their respective countries and focus instead on the motivating factors behind the moves.

We must understand, as global resource strategist Marin Katusa notes in a recent highly informative interview, that this is “the dirty secret of all of the governments.” There is a silent war happening behind the scenes and as has been the case throughout history, it is a war for control over the world’s resources.

Katusa, who is a top strategist at Casey Research and has worked closely with political and business leaders in over 100 countries, knows a thing or two about resource control. Like many government run sovereign investment funds, Katusa and his partners are actively engaged in resource acquisitions all over the world, so he has a unique perspective on the driving force behind all of the surface level conflicts being presented to the majority of the public.

Watch this must-see interview as Marin Katusa discusses global resource control, America’s future, the death of the dollar and how to prepare yourself for a massive paradigm shift:

Katusa explains that America’s partners all over the world are coming under pressure from Russian and Chinese influence. This includes Europe and our mid-east oil partners, and the goal is to weaken America’s hold over economic, financial and monetary affairs. Thus far, according to Katusa, Russia and China are winning.

The death of the dollar is upon us, the global power shift has already begun.

I call it the dirty secret of all of the governments.

… The reality is, it’s been the Russians, the Chinese, the Indians, they’re trying to look at diversifying out of the dollar. If you look at what Saudi Arabia is doing, they’ve had long discussions with the Russians on major military contracts, is something where they’re true anchors to the petro-dollar of Saudi Arabia flips on America.

And it will happen, it’s just a question of when. You’ll see the death of the petro-dollar. And I can’t emphasize just how serious of an issue that’s going to be.

But if you really see what’s going on in Europe, in Asia, the dominance of America is being challenged, not just by Russia, but Asia. And the strength of NATO is not what it was thirty or forty years ago.

For the last decade, America has gone from global leader to laughing stock, and Katusa lays the blame right at the feet of the source:

They’re chasing their tail. Obama is chasing his tail. He’s going to go down in history as the wizard of Oz, just a voice. And Putin has opened that curtain to expose the wizard as nothing but a confused man. That’s what Obama is.

A shift is certainly afoot. It cannot be ignored. Militarily, the United States may have the most weapons of warfare, but our might is being challenged on all fronts.

The battle for resources is on:

Putin is a man to watch, and you can make a lot of money in these resources if you’re patient and you invest in the right management teams. Because during the last twenty years Russia’s doubled their oil production. They have almost half of the world’s upgrading processing facilities for Uranium. You look at Kazakhstan, they’ve essentially doubled their uranium production in the last ten years. This new alliance, the new Eurasian union, is a force to be reckoned with.

And you have two choices – you can be aware of it and try to profit from it, or you can pretend that America is the sole leader in the world and you don’t have to worry about the petro-dollar. But I think that’s a very unwise choice.

One of Katusa’s favorite investment sectors is one that has been ignored by the big investment firms on Wall Street and it’s the one that will protect your assets when the inevitable death of the petro-dollar finally happens. Precious metals have stood the test of time and throughout history have been used as an asset of last resort, especially during massive shifts like the one facing the world today. Katusa relates an interesting anecdote and one whose implications will resonate with savvy individuals:

I took a photo at the top of the elevator at the 2011 [gold] Cambridge conference in Vancouver. The floor was packed, it was a two hour waiting list to get in, and the lineup was so packed that people coming into the elevator were smashing in to people waiting. And people were falling, hurting themselves, that they actually shut down the elevator.

And I got such a kick out of it that I took a photo of it… And I took a photo, and I sent it out to all my subscribers, and I wrote “A top?”

That is what a top feels like. When people are literally falling over themselves, and everybody’s talking about $2,000 gold and whatever. When you can’t get in to a free conference, with a two hour wait list, that’s when you should be selling.

Today there’s no one on the escalator, there’s no one even checking your badges to come to a free show, never mind a paid show.

That’s why I think right now is the optimal time to invest, because it’s the most hated sector. All the big New York hedge funds that I talk to, they all think, “ah, resources are dead.” 

While top-tier investment firms are piling into stock markets and driving them to new highs, Katusa notes that they are completely ignoring the investments that will skyrocket during this time of global upheaval.

It’s simple really. In the end it boils down to power and resources. In a world dependent on food, energy, and raw materials it only makes sense that conflicts will rage. We can either ignore the trends or accept them and prepare for the inevitable.

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