Ron Paul: “US Interferes In Foreign Elections All The Time”

by Tyler Durden

When asked whether all the “Russian hacking” allegations were just a simple “political stunt” or whether a serious investigation needed to be conducted, Ron Paul offered up a startling bit of reality pointing out that America has a long history of interfering with elections and even invading countries “to have our guy in.”  We suspect the following response was a bit more truth than Fox Business News expected.

“I think it is politics more than anything else.  It’s really is nothing new. It’s like, guess what – somebody might have done A, B, C.”


“The very rarely, if ever, compare what we do with election around the world.  We are interfering all the time.” 


“I’m sure the Russians are interfering.  But when you lose, you can jump on that and make a big point of it. But I don’t think it made any difference.  I think it’s insignificant.”


“If you review the history of how many elections we’ve been involved with, how many countries we’ve invaded and how many people we’ve killed to have our guy in, I’ll tell you what – we don’t have very much room for condemning anybody else.”


“I think the spying and interference is sort of the nature of our governments. That’s why I’d like to see government much smaller.”

Here is the full interview:

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