Scotland Is Paving The Way For Texas Independence

By The Texas Nationalist Movement

Have you wondered why the media on this side of the pond is relatively quiet in regards to Scotland’s upcoming referendum on independence? It is because those in power, sitting in lofty places, know that secession can be contagious. Look at what happened when the southern States of America began to break away. One by one, they followed. The same thing happened in the early 1990’s when the Soviet bloc fell.

Most people on the streets of America have no idea that Scotland will have a chance to vote for freedom in just over a week. Of course, most probably don’t know that Scotland isn’t independent to begin with. That’s another story about our level of geopolitical education that we’ll deal with in a future article.

Scotland’s internal and external opponents of independence sound like the typical battered wife syndrome.  They call their campaign “Better Together,” and make claims that Scotland and the rest of the UK, comprised of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, will both suffer if Scotland decides to make a go of self-determination. Additionally, there are a great number of Scotts who worry about what social programs and benefits will be lost rather than what will be gained through independence.

If these arguments sound familiar to anyone who has campaigned for Texas independence for any amount of time, they should. The “What will happen to my Social Security” question is being heard word for word at town hall meetings and debates across Scotland. The similarities don’t stop there.

Centralists in America fear that, if Scotland votes yes, it may set a chain of events in motion that could affect many more western regions. Suddenly, the impossible seems possible. Catalonia is watching Scotland very closely. They are poised to hold a referendum on independence from Spain without the blessings of Madrid. The Spanish government claims that an independence referendum in Catalonia is illegal. Sound familiar?

A yes vote will create a paradigm shift. Texans who say “It would be nice but it won’t happen,” will now have to rethink that statement. It can and should happen. Texas has a much higher chance at prosperity than does Scotland or many other countries that are already independent. Independence by a western region will no longer be something that happened in the history books. It will be something that Texans can look at and relate to today. This is why it is being ignored by Washington and the mainstream press. They are hoping you don’t notice.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear much about this historic, ground breaking, vote that may have repercussions across the civilized world. The Texas Nationalist Movement will be watching and ready. Our turn is coming. Our time is now!

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