Corporatism Run Amok: Is America Terminal?

3sw95l-300x300[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Lets start this all off with the understanding the Corporatism is NOT Capitalism, but in fact the antithesis of!

Anyone who cannot see we live in a world dominated by a Fascistic Corporatocracy is either blind, sound asleep, or complicit and not willing to admit it. When Benito Mussolini was asked in 1932, to define fascism, he stated, “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of corporate and state power”. Look around you and tell me what you see. This my friends is reality plain and simple!

Corruption and cronyism are so blatant in our government today that it is almost looked on as the means of doing business and all who participate, from the most junior congressman to the most powerful corporate CEO benefit in a huge fashion. The only losers … We the people!

Companies like Monsanto and Merck produce known poisons and force them on a mostly unsuspecting and trusting population to the extreme detriment of our well being. If this danger is known by independent researchers across the globe, then you know our government is aware of it and is complicit. In many cases we don’t even have legal recourse if we are harmed or our loved ones suffer up to and including death, due to government granted legal immunity or corrupt courts. There is resounding proof today that the poisons we are eating, being injected with or the pills we are being encouraged to pop more and more, are causing massive suffering, infertility and even death on a monumental scale … but it continues unabated and is in fact supported by the very government sworn to protect us.

The largest banks on this planet such as Chase Manhattan or JP Morgan etc… take your money in a huge Ponzi Scheme and gamble it on ultra risky investments, and when they lose our government bails them out under the insane excuse that they are too big to fail. And who pays for these colossal bailouts trending into the trillions of tax dollars … you and I. All the while their directors earn huge bonuses relaying the message ‘we cant fail no matter how greedy and stupid we get’ and proving once again that our government today exists for the well being and welfare of the mega corporations NOT We The People.

Our national debt is crushing this country and as a result we are told We The People must tighten our belts and do without (or at a greatly reduced level) the safety net we in fact pay for. All the while the monolithic Military Industrial Complex rakes in billions in tax dollars benefiting from global skirmishes we have no business conducting. Almost $1.4 Trillion is spent yearly on the military, or related programs equaling almost half the governments budget annually. This is such a massive number it easily outstrips many of the worlds largest military machines combined! Yet through the massive lobbying of this military cabal and the self proclaimed global elite who own them, we are thrown into one conflict after another thus perpetuating and guaranteeing there political agenda as well as a steady flow of capitol into their coffers.

While you and I suffer austerity in vital social programs such as healthcare, food relief programs for the poor, Medicare and soon Social Security, hundreds of billions in foreign aid are handed out to questionable countries on a yearly basis. Most of these funds never being used to negate the poverty of those nations but instead lining the pockets of corrupt leaders and multinational corporations globally that have lobbied this government with bribes and pressure as compensation for campaign funding or more sinister endeavors.

I could go on for hours but I feel if you have not caught the gist by this point … you are wasting your time reading this. What I will present to you now is the reason and mechanism for this catastrophic mess We The People find ourselves in. As long as there is money in politics and corporate lobbies are allowed influence, We The People will always be the losers and on a monumental scale … Please watch the attached film and an epiphany is all but guaranteed. Then maybe you can answer the question “Is America Terminal?”


The Corporation

This incredibly unsettling film explores the entire history of corporations and how they’ve been allowed to virtually take over just about everything, from our values, to our educational system and even our government. This film is what launched the Kick Them All Out Project. The information in this film is an absolute must for your education. If you truly want to be informed about why the world is as it is, you must watch this film! It’s 3 hours, but I guarantee it will be worth the investment of your time.

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