Science Has Become A Cartel

May 24, 2021 0

There’s a reason the medical establishment dismissed the lab leak theory BY MATTHEW CRAWFORD The idea that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered in a laboratory, and then escaped accidentally, always had a certain plausibility. The virus first appeared […]


Academic Exposes Media Propaganda

May 7, 2021 0

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Professor Mark Crispin Miller has taught classes on mass persuasion and propaganda at the New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development for the last two […]


The Criminalization of Dissent

May 4, 2021 0

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition […]


“Health” Passports Are Here. Oppose Them Now

April 16, 2021 0

Wednesday, April 14th 2021 at 12:15 pm Posted By: GMI Reporter T Imagine being denied access to the community where you live or not being able to frequent the businesses there because you don’t have proper […]


The Great Unvaxxed

March 29, 2021 1

TE Creus     The vaccine was a resounding success. Yes, there had been a final death rate of 10% among the vaccinated, but this was mostly among the elderly or the already ill, so […]

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