The Light Will Conquer The Darkness

The Light Will Conquer The Darkness

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/04/26 … Open Thread”. The moderator believes this comment is a long “rant” that covers many topics – this is an excerpt of the comment. The Mod feels the comment represents an alternative view of the way the world works that needs exposure. Many people all around the world are coming to similar conclusions. The Mod does not necessarily agree with everything written but feels there are many talking points to be discussed.
Comment by Straight-Bat
…..Looking back into the late medieval historical ‘progress’ of mankind since 1492 …………. the combination proved to be the first power in the human civilization that set out a target of extending its rule to every nook and corner of the globe ! ……………….
The ‘Anglo/Zionist’ clique meticulously planned the destruction of every serious competitors who might stake their claims for global domination and executed them neatly with minimum material losses – first time, the decimation of Napoleonic French elites-aristocrats who were dreaming of global empire between 1800 to 1815, second time, the decimation of Kaisarian German elites-aristocrats who were on a serious global empire building process between 1890 to 1918 showing more grit and determination than AngloZionists could do in preceding century. Both the times, the English power manipulated Russian emperor to fight the non-Anglo power thereby causing complete devastation in the Russian empire, and both the times, the ‘AngloZionist’ clique became more prosperous and powerful! By 1918, the AngloZionist imperialists and their camp-followers of French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese imperialists among themselves controlled the entire globe (excluding the tottering empires of Chinese, Russian, and Ottoman). The ‘AngloZionist’ clique however could not block the rising of a rival global power – between 1918 to 1990 old Russian empire was so transformed by its new rulers, the communist party, that after crushing the AngloZionist stooge, the German Nazi party in 1945, with unparalleled loss of manpower and materials, built the ‘Soviet’ power that truly rivalled the ‘AngloZionist’ power on a global scale. This bipolar world also ensured that the colonies across world got political freedom from the European imperialism (including the splendid win of Vietnam over France and USA). The ‘Zionist’ component of the ‘AngloZionist’ clique got a foothold in the ancient land as an independent state (Israel), which became the land of resettlement for the “ethnic Israelis’, Sephardi Jews as well as a new settlement for ‘Khazarian’ Ashkenazi Jews.
Where are we in the post-USSR days ?
The ‘AngloZionist’ cabal planned and executed unipolar world order ever since 1991. After dissolution of USSR, most of the governments across every region in the world joined old or new alliance headed by ‘AngloZionist’ cabal. Those governments who acted or showed any inclination to act independently, were removed from power either through ‘colour revolution’ (Ukraine, Georgia) or through ‘invasion’ (Iraq, Libya). Countries like Yugoslavia, Russia and China were identified for dismemberment – an action that will ensure that, never in future those countries with historic anti-AngloZionist sentiment can pose any serious threat to world domination by ‘AngloZionist’ cabal. Unfortunately for ‘AngloZionist’ cabal and fortunately for the world, this dismemberment agenda could only be carried out in Yugoslavia. Russian government resisted the evil designs of ‘AngloZionist’ cabal and Russian society bounced back. On the other hand, Chinese government created a history by turning itself as cheap manufacturing hub for exporting products thereby providing employment to huge number of population. The Hegemon depended on few key aspects in order to struggle for unipolarity (since 1944) and to maintain its unipolarity in the post-1991 world:(1) Fiat Dollar was made the international exchange currency- not only the gold backing was withdrawn from Dollar around 1972 by USA government, but USA government also manipulated the Arab rulers to use Dollar as currency for most crucial commodity trading (of petroleum)(2) IMF and World Bank spread its tentacles to every region of the world to ensure the control of ‘AngloZionist’ cabal over political power-economy-natural resources of countries in every region(3) The decision-making process in the most important multilateral institution UNO has been brought under control by USA and 5-Eyes governments so that the ‘AngloZionist’ cabal can effectively use the UN for achieving its geopolitical objectives(4) Unrivalled military prowess of USA and other 5-Eyes countries as well as west European countries (all of which are ruled by ‘AngloZionist’ cabal) has been consistently utilized to either decimate the independent countries (Yugoslavia) or to create permanent chaos (Afghanistan)(5) Main stream media owned by ‘AngloZionist’ cabal across the world continuously spread lies and deception about ideas/governments of their disliking and simultaneously carry out disinformation campaign about (false) benefits of ideologies like ‘democracy’ and ‘capitalism’ to create public opinion that will ensure the power and authority of ‘local’ country-based oligarchy-politician elites who are in league with the global AngloZionist plutocracy(6) Rapid development and modification of industrial and other technology by business organizations in USA and EU countries (all of which are owned by ‘AngloZionist’ cabal and its camp-followers) ensure that all other countries have to source the technology from AngloZionist plutocracy thereby creating a dependency.
What are the key effects of capitalism in unipolar world ?
(1) Starting with the Bank of England in 1694, every central bank in Europe and North America was essentially founded by the Zionist banking elites-aristocrats. Thus the ‘AngloZionist’ cabal own the banking and money printing systems of both the continents. Since 1945 the finance-capital of ‘AngloZionist’ cabal, through a feudalistic concept, got linked up with all regional finance-capital owned by the local oligarchy except the Soviet bloc countries and China. 1991 threw open the door to the ‘AngloZionist’ cabal to own more than half and control more than four-fifth of the global wealth and finance-capital:
Link – There is a frightening level of inequality across all regions of the world, rate of which is increasing exponentially in the 21st century. In 2015, 62 individuals had the same wealth owned by 50% of the humanity (that’s about 3.6 billion people), 1% of global population owned 50% of wealth, while 10% of global population owned 88% of wealth:
Link –, the most successful showcase project of ‘capitalism’ driven by ‘democratic government’ (both philosophies conceptualized and spread by academicians-philosophers-politicians in British, French, German Europe, most of whom were ideologically beholden to the AngloZionist hegemonic world order) paints a dismal picture of income status of its citizens. In 2015 in US, out of 124.5 million people in prime working years (ages 25–54) about 29 million people (23%) is unemployed, and 51% of the employed workforce earned annual income less than 30,000 Dollar (officially in US, about 28500 Dollar is poverty level of family income):
Link – Across every region in all countries the ‘AngloZionist’ cabal promote destabilization to install its stooges in political power. Invariably those stooges act for enhancing the power and wealth of the local oligarchy and global ‘AngloZionist’ cabal, which are against the interests of the local population. To achieve the objective, the ‘AngloZionist’ cabal can go up to any level including ‘coup’ something which they showed in Ukraine. To achieve the objective, ‘AngloZionist’ cabal can dismember an independent country as they did in Sudan by partitioning south region.

(4) Rampant destruction of forests and hilly regions through mining and wood logging, rivers through construction of dams, agricultural lands through excessive use of fertilizers has been degrading the global ecology beyond the tipping point. Added to these mindless actions by governments across the world, the carbon emissions due to use of fossil fuels has resulted in overall worsening of the habitat – rise in temperatures, irregularity in rain and flood, scarcity of potable water etc. are becoming more and more acute every passing year.

(5) An artificial virtual world has been created through ubiquitous media propaganda, promotion of vulgar culture, and infinite supply of cheap gadgets. Peoples in most of the countries across all continents are being subjected to this artificial world since their childhood – by the time a child reaches the age of twenty, he/she is fully habituated in self-centred life style without any belongingness to the surrounding society, without understanding of the traditional culture, and he/she is addicted to Hollywood sex-violence movies/music and lives a ‘facebook’/’twitter’ virtual life detached from reality. Slowly but surely, such artificial living kills the thinking capabilities of the young people. What a pitiable condition of these brainwashed zombies to lead a life without a ‘soul’!

Why resistance to AngloZionist hegemony is required ?
Simply because, common people across the world wish to live a life with freedom – freedom from slavery of corporates and money, freedom from poverty and hunger, freedom from ignorance and insanity, freedom from immorality and vulgarity, freedom from manipulation and mind control; and, all of these are achievable when the devil gets crushed permanently and truth-justice-equality gets established. The common people of the world is at crossroads – either we will have to continue to watch and get affected by the savage destruction of all societies and entire nature, particularly of the regions whom mother earth has blessed with abundant resources (minerals, metals, energy, potable water, agricultural land, forest and river), or the sane countries jointly resist the against the evil Hegemon.

Who can and should form the ‘Resistance’ in eastern hemisphere ?
Countries who have large landmass, large population, and advanced civilization will have to lead such resistance. Ideally, those countries must be free from direct historic subjugation from AngloZionist imperialist forces in past, and must have large number of educated people with propensity towards open-minded scientific research and development. Russia and China jointly need to ‘lead’ the initiative with countries like Iran and Kazakhstan acting as the ‘rearguard’ – combined they can be ‘Fabulous Four’. If governments of these countries can’t form such joint initiative and carry on their individual struggle against the Hegemon, the eastern hemisphere will surely turn into graveyard of human civilization by 2050 AD, which will be used for sourcing materials, fuel, and foodstuff for consumption of western hemisphere population……….

How are the countries offering resistance to the unipolar world ?
Frankly speaking, I had to wait two decades to spot coordinated and structured resistance to the hegemonic world order in the eastern hemisphere. After Putin’s election as Russian President in 2012 and Xi’s election as Chinese President in 2013, serious efforts could be noticed (channeled through multilateral institutions/programs in SCO, EEU, CSTO):

(1) With Xi cruising at a ferocious pace to restructure Chinese economy from product export-orientation to domestic consumption-orientation as well as decouple the Chinese economy from AngloZionist finance-capital, the entire Eurasia from central Europe to Pacific ocean, from Arctic to Indian ocean will get an economic boost from the recent initiative of One Belt One Road Economic Program – these will effectively peel away the entire zone from the poisonous embrace of the AngloZionist cabal.

(2) With Putin at the helm, Russian military industry has achieved a spectacular turnaround that has only one parallel in the entire history of mankind (Stalin converted a moribund military industry of Soviet Union into technically advanced war machinery within a decade) – the amazingly advanced equipment being churned out for Army, Navy, Space forces as well as unmatched Electronic Warfare systems and Nuclear Missile systems coupled with reorganized military personnel will be strong deterrence against the evil designs of the USA and NATO (owned by the AngloZionist cabal).

(3) Coordinated effort at the international level to bypass the ‘Dollar’ as exchange currency, simultaneous push for national currencies of China and Russia to be gold-backed, setting up of international banking institution like Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and promotion of FTAAP as trade block of choice are four geo-economic agenda which will go long way to successfully resist the Hegemon.

Is there a need for ideology ?
Any movement needs an/a set of ideology which can act as ‘motor force’ for the movement and provide ‘direction’ at a difficult turn. All the religions and its founders stood for and preached for truth-justice-equality-morality in ‘social life’. I feel, nothing is more distant to the concepts of ‘social life’ and ‘spiritual life’, than the concepts of ‘Capitalism’ (all shades, agricultural, industrial, finance). Weber was only partially right that Protestant behaviour helped capitalism to take roots, Sombart was perfectly right in identifying Talmudist belief and practice which ensured success of capitalism (it is established fact that Protestants, Puritans like Calvinists, Lutherans were influenced heavily by the Talmud). On the contrary, Marxian thoughts among all socio-political and socio-economic thoughts are nearest to the religious concepts of ‘social life’. The essence of Marxian thought is categorically anti-imperialist, anti-exploitation, anti-capitalist, anti-elitist which are precisely the perspectives required for ‘Resistance’ – thus Marxism and Utilitarianism can be natural choice as guiding principles of ‘Resistance’ movement.

Can I list down the stumbling blocks in the prevailing political-economic vectors in the key European and Asian countries that can grow into treachery in near future (even if the actors must be deluding themselves as if they have taken ‘strategic action’ / ‘hedging action’ in the interest of their country) against the burgeoning Eurasian Resistance as well as against their own peoples?

(1) The manipulation of Russian oligarchy and bureaucracy-politician fifth column to keep economy closely coupled with AngloZionist owned European and North American economy and establishing widespread kleptocracy- they are still dreaming about how to restart the wanton loot of the 1990s era initiated by Gorbachev-Yeltsin duo.

(2) The manipulation of Chinese oligarchy and bureaucracy-politician fifth column to keep economy closely coupled with AngloZionist owned European and North American economy and establishing widespread corruption and capital transfer- they are still behaving as if Deng-Jiang era of ‘getting rich’ (by hook or crook) during 1980-2010 is under progress.

(3) The manipulation of Iranian oligarchy and bureaucracy-politician fifth column to establish close economic dependency with AngloZionist owned European and North American economy and establishing widespread kleptocracy- they are still behaving as if Shah-era will come back.

(4) The denial of Belarus government to coordinate political, economic and defense related activities with Russian government and other members of EEU and CSTO- they are preaching ‘non-interference’, but in reality this is equivalent to assuring the AngloZionist clique about absence of Belarus from ‘Eurasian Resistance’ block

(5) The fraudulent gangster government of Moldova shedding all pretentions of international relations, is working for USA and NATO interests and the AngloZionist global order- can’t they apprehend how their land-society-culture-economy continuously getting jeopardized ?

(6) The duplicity of Serbian and Macedonian governments who pretends as if involved in balancing acts (between Russian and Eurasian interests vis-a-vis USA and NATO interests) but in reality serves the interests of AngloZionist global order- can’t they understand that their society-culture-economy getting ruined due to anglo/zionist-american machination against Yugoslavia ?

(7) The surreptitious Romanian and Bulgarian governments who want to take Russian government/ energy department to the court on account of scrapped ‘south stream’ project- it was their intransigence that resulted in cancellation of the project. Is the act of leaking the boots of AngloZionist clique enough for bringing cheap and clean energy to the south Europe ?

(8) The duplicity of Greek government with all its pretensions about ‘fighting the EU (and NATO) for the upliftment of general population’ actually goes on to strengthen the AngloZionist global order- can’t they understand that their society and people will be the first to get exterminated by the Salafist mercenaries (sorry, migrants) arranged by AngloZionist cabal as the plan to destroy the ‘old Europe’ is afoot?

(9) The denial of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan governments to discuss political, economic and defense related activities with Russian and Chinese governments and other members of SCO and CSTO- they are preaching ‘neutrality’, but in reality this is equivalent to assuring the AngloZionist clique about absence of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan from ‘Eurasian Resistance’ block

(10) The stupidity and duplicity of Vietnam government who actively promotes AngloZionist imperialist corporatocracy and kleptocracy by joining TPP ‘free trade block’, as well as actively promotes military block with the AngloZionist clique and its stooge Japanese militarists. Will the act of mindless escalation in Paracel bring them couple of more islands in the South China Sea ?

(11) The stupidity and duplicity of Indian government who actively promotes AngloZionist clique through agreement on providing logistics and communication support in its territory when the AngloZionist forces need (to contain Chinese maritime movements), as well as actively promotes military block with the AngloZionist clique and its stooge Japanese militarists. Will the mindless act of promoting secessionist groups in Tibet and Xinjiang bring them few hundred sq. km. of mountainous land in the Himalayas?

(12) The fifth column of west and central European oligarchy-politicians-bureaucracy-intellectuals (elites-aristocrats following the AngloZionist camp) unmindful of how the living conditions of 90% of their fellow countrymen has been on a downward spiral during past decade, working hand-in-glove with the Saudi-Turkish-Israeli governments (managed by AngloZionist cabal) to bring in millions of  ‘migrants’ half of which finally will land up in Salafist mercenary groups based in Europe. When will these fifth column understand that these Salafist will destabilize and destroy the entire European society (including their own home) before achieving the ultimate objective (as set by the AngloZionist cabal) of marching to the borders of Russia ?

I don’t consider any action by governments of Baltic States, Finland, Georgia, Azerbaijan as roadblock or treachery, because, by expressing contempt of Russia and by acting against Russian interests, those countries simply try to justify their existence as ‘sovereign country’ ! Neither I consider actions by governments of east Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, or of European countries like Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, or of west Asian countries like Turkey, Saudi Arab, Jordan, Pakistan as treachery – by no stretch of imagination the present governments of these countries could be considered as bulwark against imperialism. These stumbling blocks need to be suitably dealt with before any of these can materialize into full scale act of treason against the “Eurasian Resistance” members. The leaders, the governments, and the people’s forums of “Eurasian Resistance” countries must discuss and coordinate actions to neutralize such stumbling blocks over a period of, say, 5 years. Every ongoing geo-political and geo-economic chaos/disturbance being orchestrated by the Hegemon in the eastern hemisphere need to be resisted (by suitable means- diplomacy, political, economic, cultural, military) by the ‘Fabulous Four’. The leaders, the governments, and the people’s forums of ‘Fabulous Four’ must simultaneously spread the what-why-how of the manifesto of ‘Resistance’ far and wide and actively engage in countering the disinformation campaign undertaken by the Hegemon and its camp followers everywhere – be it home, school, government office, public place, public forum, internet, news channels, or publishing media ! All countries of south-east Asia, south Asia, west Asia, central Asia, east Europe, west Europe, north Europe should be either turned into ‘supporter’ or at the worst, ‘neutral’. (The governments in 5-Eye countries, Israel, France-Germany, Japan-Singapore, Turkey-Saudi will continue to act as the AngloZionist cabal controlled ‘springboard’ who are actively building alliance with governments and oligarchy in the countries across the world). The ‘Fabulous Four’ of the ‘Eurasian Resistance’ must overcome the stranglehold of the Hegemon, they must decimate the AngloZionist cabal in the eastern hemisphere. History will not absolve them of their inability to do so.

Thanks to The Saker for allowing me to cry my heart out without reservation. I may not be always right (being cynical), but only time will judge me. …….

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