The Rise Of Private Armies As The SHTF


By Zine Larbaoui (TLB Exec. Dir. Of Media)

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – The Buddha.  The privatization of armies and forces of repression and coercion is accelerating, why? Because the criminal oligarchs know very well that the moment of truth is fast approaching and that the majority of the armed forces and police will join the people and refuse to fire on their citizens. The purge of officers in the US Armed Forces whose loyalty to the Imperial Presidency are in question, confirms this inevitable trend.

To protect their privileges and their unjust, criminal and genocidal world, only lawless  mercenaries and robots / drones can perform these functions without question. We’ve been noticing the rise of these two totalitarian entities in recent years, this is absolutely not a coincidence and societies would do well to worry about these developments before it is too late!

The demand for private military services from the private sector is steadily increasing worldwide. According to United Nations data, by 2016, private soldiering expenditure will reach a record $ 244 billion. The bulk of this amount comes from the Pentagon. American powerhouses and other states using private military companies see no threat of disloyalty there. A mercenary fights for the highest bidder and is not linked to any legal constraints.

In 2012 alone , the US Department of Defense has incurred an expenditure of $ 44 billion for contracts performed abroad. About 60% of them had been in Afghanistan or Iraq. In Somalia, private sea fighters and security companies have greatly expanded their operations to protect commercial shipping: in the Indian Ocean alone, there are over 140 companies. The number of private armies also increased in China. These data are from a recent UN report on the use of mercenaries.

What explains the growing appeal of private armies in recent decades? In some cases, their troops are easier to use than conventional troops. This is what convinced Igor Korotchenko, editor of Russian National Defense magazine: “Here the calculation is twofold. One aspect of it is to minimize losses. On the other hand, private companies are often not bound by morality when it comes to the execution of the tasks they are given. That is why there are many complaints about the actions of private armies in Iraq and Afghanistan: mercenaries behave very badly towards local people and sometimes kill any suspects and witnesses being in the wrong place at the wrong time in their zone of action.

Another important factor is that mercenaries are able to solve problems in which the regular forces do not want to “get dirty” with. And mercenaries are cheaper than the military service of the state, as explained by Igor Korotchenko: “Thanks to private military companies, it is easy to resolve difficult issues for the Authorities. Among other things, the transportation and illegal transfer of weapons to Syrian rebels and the formation of paramilitary troops. The President of the United States military and other Officials are politically vulnerable for the life and death of American soldiers, whereas, if there are men who die under contract, the case is closed once compensations are paid.”

Until recently, private military companies were not particularly known for their activities. However, since the 1990s, the media periodically  reported the role of these companies. We learned, for example, during the events in Yugoslavia, that retired U.S. military personnel had been hired by the Military Professional Resources company to prepare the operations of Muslim and Croats fighters against the Serb military forces. And regarding the recent events in Syria, Turkish company Sadat International Consultancy Defense has made the headlines worldwide. Experts believe that its main objective is to train, supply weapons and support the Syrian opposition against Assad’s forces. The company has already been dubbed “private Erdoğan’s army.”

Private armies men are often better armed and better equipped than the regular armed military and special services. The level of training of these “soldiers of fortune” is also high: Security contractors recruit mainly among retired former military special services  or other equivalent units. But can this weapon be turned against the authorities who use it if some are willing to pay more? It seems unlikely that there is something to worry about: the “Wild Geese” hardly bites the hand that feeds them. Private military companies are subject to the laws of the country in which they are registered. Their activities are fully consistent with the laws and trade rules that apply. Their main concern is to make profits. However, it seems that the question of the final legalization of private armies has already been resolved. The UN intends to use private military companies for itself or rather at the behest of its masters. The United Nations is convinced that it is possible to “influence” the standards for the armed forces industry and adjust private security companies to conform to international laws.

But I want to remind the viewpoint of a person who knew the nature of mercenaries. Nicollo Machiavelli in his famous book The Prince affirms that mercenaries, whose purpose is to receive money, are not ready to sacrifice their lives on the battlefield. The mercenary who loses his life in battle is a bad mercenary, but whoever wins is even worse. For obvious reasons, a mercenary asks himself this question:  Is this emperor who employs me, that powerful? And if he is not, why shouldn’t I take his place?

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  1. I’m up there in age, 60 years old! I served my country for 26 years in the military. Served in Vietnam, Desert Storm and finally Mogadishu Somalia. Lost my left leg in Somalia and after rehab from that an other wounds was retired in 1996. Never thought I would need to take up arms ever again but with the decline of my country and our rights have been actively looking for a civilian military organization to join because I see civil war/revolution on the horizon. Yeah, I cannot run as I used to but I get around pretty good and own plenty of weapons and lots of ammo (I reload my own). I live in Texas and I’ll be damned if these pricks in Washington are going to take the things I fought to preserve. It cost me a lot and I am willing to give my life to continue to preserve our Constitution! This article was very helpful in giving me the information to start my quest!

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