TLB Endorses Petition: Stop ALL Mandatory Vaccination in ALL states

By: Christopher Wyatt and TLB Staff

The Liberty Beacon fully Endorses and urges your participation in a powerful new petition on that could change the course of the conversation regarding vaccines. This petition calls for ALL vaccines to be made optional, as they had been in the past, and for health departments across the United States to offer and recognize vaccine exemptions and the rights of parents… Not the government as the proper health care provider of American families.

None of us can afford to sit by and watch the government rob families and individuals of the right to be healthy and choose which medical procedure they are going to submit to. This is exactly what is happening with laws that mandate vaccines. Vaccination should not be required for entrance into public school, daycare, summer camp, or any part of society. Whether or not you vaccinate should not be the business of the government. This is an overreach of the worst kind.

All states offer a medical exemption and most states offer either a philosophical or religious exemption. Recent events such as SB277 in California which resulted from a possible measles outbreak at Disneyland have shown that the government has conspired with the pharmaceutical industry to remove parental rights under the guise of protection. California systematically took away the philosophical exemption used to shield children from mandated vaccines. The only exemption allowed under SB277 is a medical exemption which for most will be very hard to get. Access to education is being used to blackmail families and ensure the compliance of the masses. This is not OK and the situation is as scary as it sounds. The state is now making the choice for your family regarding vaccines. This is one of the many reasons this is an important issue for The Liberty Beacon and anyone else who values their freedom.

The removal of basic health freedoms is never a good thing for anyone, especially when an irreversible medical procedure such as vaccination is involved. The loss of parental rights is happening at an alarming rate and this petition is the first call in an effort to restore the rights to millions of people who are being told that they have to be forcibly vaccinated.

Parental rights are being eroded, human rights are being trampled on, and people are being hurt. Thankfully people are waking up and they are uniting to fight for their rights to refuse vaccines and make educated choices regarding the health care of their families. The keywords being THEIR FAMILIES! Children are not the property of the state and it is up to individual families to decide the best course of action regarding health care. We The People should be the ones setting the rules NOT the pharmaceutical industry which has bought off many politicians.

Read the petition [push the ‘Click Here’ or link below], sign it, and share it. This is a good first step at getting our voices heard about what could be the most important human rights issue of our time–The right to control the health and well being of our family and the Overreach of Government trying to mandate Irreversible medical procedures.


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The Liberty Beacon fully endorses this petition and urges you to participate.


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