“America is in the Toilet and the Rest of the World Knows It!”


By Zine Larbaoui (Exec. Dir. Of Media)

glutonnyLet’s understand one thing worth remembering: The transnational financial oligarchy uses its economic weapon of mass destruction for one purpose only: Steal assets! The world and its pathetic international fraud called the “market economy” are gutting small businesses and creating chaotic conditions so their ready solution for global governance may be presented upon public outcry, an Hegelian dialectic that has been planned for a long time. Only salvation: Refuse to play their game, sweep away the chessboard where the pawns of the rigged game rest… There are no solutions in the system, there has never been and never will be, it is simple to understand…yet heads are still buried in the sand.

Today, it is obvious that the United States has already become a third world economy as the global superpower continues tirelessly to relocate its GDP. “If the Jobs relocation continues, the U.S. economy will be a declared third world in less than 20 years,” wrote Paul Craig Roberts. “America is in the toilet and the rest of the world knows it,” he continues, noting that “more and more small businesses disappear, university graduates return to live with their parents, using their savings just to survive “. An estimated 80% of the US population is considered to be near poverty levels, 47 millions depend on food handouts, sickness and disabilities are reaching alarming levels while the healthcare system, once the envy of the world, is being systematically restricted. Issues that are buried deep in the national discourse as bread and circuses keep flowing in an effort to offer mass appeasement, an anesthetic that seems to be working so far as it is truly amazing that we haven’t had major unrest by now. Meanwhile, the idiots in Washington are busy devising how to shear the sheeple nation some more. Perhaps, they’re looking to tax the shirt on your back.

Many nations are staying away from the dollar and settle their spending via bi-lateral arrangements. As the Federal Reserve scrambles to print its way out of debt, those holding dollar denominated assets are rushing towards the exit and tangible assets. People of the world are getting restless and exasperated with our most toxic export: inflation. The “our dollar, your problem” does not fly anymore, is it no wonder that America is so vilified in the world stage? So much so, we’re being amalgamated with the Third Reich!

Financial reports show that the U.S. economy’s so called recovery remains elusive and that many economists warn that the Washington ongoing fiscal struggles only make the situation a lot worse.

The decline in the market value of the dollar and resulting domestic inflation will force the Fed to stop printing money. What then will cover the gaping hole between receipts and expenditures? The most likely answer is: pension funds and everything on which Washington could get their hands, meaning a probable haircut to your bank account savings.

This question remains: How long can the world tolerate this massive and unscrupulous financial repression? That we are heading toward the end of a fraudulent monetary cycle become loud and clear as crisis after crisis remind us of its logical fatality, for History shows us the insanity of repeated follies, expect this time, the whole world find itself in the same predicament.

Unfortunately, this has always ended badly…yet, the problem, this time around is the world is sitting on a powder keg, the nuclear, chemical and biological type. Perhaps the Georgia Guidestones narrative is about to be realized? Stay tuned…

Source: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2013/10/23/ye-sow-shall-ye-reap-paul-craig-roberts/

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